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Rand Paul Works the Room

Concord, N. H -- All right, I'm as bad as the rest of them, as bad as the Danish cameraman, and the eight odd reporters, and the people working in the four satellite trucks out in the parking lot of the Grappone Convention Center here last night. At least the 500-odd Republicans who gathered to hear Rand Paul -- and his warm-up act, obvious anagram Reince Priebus, who mysteriously remains chairman of the Republican National Commitee -- paid for the privilege of luxuriating in the embryonic stages of a presidential campaign that's still at least two years away. What was the excuse for the rest of us? It's a terrible sort of self-knowledge, let me tell you that.


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Rand: "I don't think this administration realizes that the First Amendment wasn't a suggestion. The Bill of Rights is not a wish list,..."