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Feds support terrorist while his victims struggle to get by SHOCKING

It has been uncovered that the Fort Hood Terrorist, who shot fellow soldiers all the while screaming " allah akbar " has not has his military pay suspended, leaving him a tidy income of nearly a quarter of a million dollars while incarcerated for murder charges.
The Government first refused to liable this as an act of terror, then adds insult to injury by paying this cold blooded murder at our expense.
One can only imagine the glee of the Globalists as they thought this one through.

With every passing day, we are given clear reason to dislike, even despise this Government, no small wonder they seek to disarm us and to further arm themselves. For they display the psychological attributes of a guilty party, in that they say through their own actions " we deserve to be punished, thusly we must protect ourselves from it happening .". Will we see that day?

God Bless

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