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Silver Eagles Over $30 On Ebay

I was just scrolling through a few pages of ended auctions over on eBay. It was amazing to see so many silver eagles selling over $30. I'm sure you can find them cheaper on eBay if you look hard, but I didn't see anything less than $28 in my quick search and a couple around $36.

It also looked like pretty much everything was selling...even a old silver quarter that had been cut into the shape of a guitar pick sold for $20.

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https://comparesilverprices.com/ shows $26 and change right now. A lot of the bigger dealers hit people with $10-$20 shipping charges. For someone only wanting 1 or 2 coins and free-$2 shipping, they go to eBay. It's a good place to sell if you happen to like FRN's.

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