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The US recession, the NAU, a comparison to sweden & EU

In the beginning of the 1990´s Sweden went into a financial crises and depression

not long after this event, that has not been fully explained, Sweden had a referendum on EU membership. Yes to EU won by a slight margin, much due to the economic collapse. At the time many said the membership would ptotect our economy in the future, if we went into the union,

In retrospective one has to wonder if these two events really was separate, since the timing seems very odd.

Now Americans learn from history, since it always repeats itself.

Could it be soon to be said in your media that the NAU and Amero will save you in the future from economic problems.

Take care..

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Funny, I was just discussing

Funny, I was just discussing these possibilities with a friend. It is highly feasible that the people behind the scenes are intentionally and systematically crashing our currency and our economy so the next president can introduce "The New Deal 2008." I really feel like this quite possibly is the way they will force us into the NAU (North American Union) and to use the Amero.

It's horrific to think about but most certainly possible....

CFR Briefing

I saw a CFR article some months back that one guy said the US wasn't ready for a NAU yet and the only way that would happen is for some major catastrophy such as an economic collapse.

I read it on the CFR website. Anyone remember it or save the link. It was first posted on the daily paul.

The collapse of the Soviet

The collapse of the Soviet Union devastated Finnish economy too. And yes, we were herded into EU in the aftermath.

in Sweden, it was not

in Sweden, it was not soviets fall, that was the primary reason, but rather
to much inflation and bad credit, Housing markets plummeted to depths of depravity, with banks going bankrupt, leading to interest rates around 300%. wooow. lol was a special time.

Don´t remember much in the Finnish economy myself..

Can´t help but wonder if they staked the crises to get the people to vote yes on EU membership. At least was the debate at that time.

Like: If we join we will be safe...remind you of anything ??

We were told that food would

We were told that food would get cheaper and the Soviets wouldn't be so much of a military threat if we "go into Europe." We had just begun recovering from a recession which was caused irresponsible overspending of foreign money, and the collapse of our most important trading partner, Soviet Union. Yes, we had tried to escape the bubble through devaluation of our currency. Then the banks got bailout funds that morally should have gone to the individual people in crisis, if to anybody. And in a secret conference the president intervened in the judicial system to protect banks over borrowers.

We were told that we would

We were told that we would not have to give up of our currency, as I've heard they have told to Swedes too. But that's not true, the Maastricht treaty required Finland (as well as Sweden) also join the Euro zone. They just didn't dare to tell it to the people, as we had to get gradually smuggled into the bureaucrat monster.