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Not a thread for the Modbox.

As a dedicated and driven contributor of this site I feel as though I must communicate a very legitimate concern to all those who frequent or may be new to this site. I have read through the entirety of the General Disclaimer and the Site Guidelines and feel that a vital disclosure is missing. Any discussion is better than no discussion and I am not concerned with the number of votes/downvotes received, but more concerned with the commentary and discussion that is created by such a thread.

Let me say that this thread is being posted for no other reason than the concern I have for all members and posters to this site. The first concern I have is that this site is expressly private property as mentioned in both the General Disclaimer and the Long Site Guidelines. Forgive my inquiry or if I’m viewed as faulted or petty by my inquisitiveness, but I have a legitimate issue with my threads being made public on search engines when there is clearly no indication of this in the disclaimers/guidelines provided by this site. And it doesn’t matter whether or not I use my real name versus a tag-name, my opinions are no less mine simply because they are posted under an alias. And it is irrelevant if this is common knowledge to some or most of you. It is not common knowledge to many others and it isn’t knowledge that should be acquired by word-of-mouth, rather it should be posted in the disclaimers or guidelines as appropriate.

I understand that nothing I’ve posted as of this date is copyrighted and I understand the DMCA disclaimers regarding the posting of copyrighted material, however the DMCA disclaimer mentions nothing of this site posting or disseminating threads/information/opinions of its users/members onto the world wide web without their consent in some form. Please do not argue that any content posted on the Daily Paul is property of the Daily Paul, because “the Daily Paul reserves the right to make changes to, corrections and/or remove entirely at any time posts made on this website without notice. In addition, The Daily Paul disclaims any and all liability for damages incurred directly or indirectly as a result of a post or posts on this website”, but that does not collectively grant the capacity to share opinions with search engines.

I am merely trying to invoke a conversation with this thread (a positive one at that) and hopefully my suggestion here will serve and provide the input necessary in order to prompt an amendment to existing DP disclaimers and guidelines, not only for the benefit of long time members but for newcomers as well.

Peace and Love fellow DP’ers.

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I think it's good to assume

I think it's good to assume that anything you put anywhere on the internet could be seen by anybody and everybody.

So this is not a concern...

that holds precedence? Carry on DP'ers, carry on...I guess my concerns were unfounded and petty.

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Here's the thing.

Just a brief search engine explanation:

The second you post content, it is out of your hands, out of Michael's hands, out of everyone's hands to "hide" it from the search engine. This is not a function of the DP, but of the search engines themselves.

They run spiders that "crawl" over all links, aggregating and indexing content just as a user would. If a user can see the content, so do the spiders/bots.

Now, some search engines are kind enough to "ask permission", such as google. You can put a special file on your site that will cause it to ignore whatever you want it to ignore. This however could not be done on a user basis, and would be all or nothing for posts. Further it would only apply too Google and those bots for search engines that respect such things.

There is nothing Michael or anyone else could do to change this, even if they wanted. It is a search engine function, and not a DP function, which is why it will likely never be in DP official statements. It's not up to DP to document anything but DP.

I hope this answers your questions on the subject.

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yep... and I've used the


and I've used the noindex/nofollow/noarchive tags in html on my sites, and it still doesn't seem to matter.

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well it could be made completely private

but that would've hindered the original intent, to spread info on Ron Paul in 07.

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Good point.

Which actually begs an interesting question.

How difficult would it be to do something like this:

UserX checks a box on their account (paid member option only IMO).

Now, all content from UserX is only viewable by -logged in- members of the DP (regardless of membership status, once again IMO).

It would be a combination of the functionality for "blocked" users, and paid membership. Obviously, driven off of a different list.

It's an interesting notion. I would almost be willing to see what I could do myself to add it, if you wanted a hand with the code (20 year software engineer).

There is a chance, that it could work to drive paid memberships, and it would be all user based behavior as opposed to Michael saying, "you must pay to see X".

That would also effectively hide the content from the bots. Just a thought and I have no idea if it is a good one or not. lol

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Thank you Wolfe...

for the information...I was unaware. So what the hell does it matter then...post on and open your hearts to the world.

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please condense

for the simpletons out there, me being chief.

I'll condense for you...OP

I'll condense for you...

OP is not happy that his/her posts could show up in search engines and he/she doesn't believe this is stated in the DP's terms and conditions...

I think.

“Let it not be said that no one cared, that no one objected once it’s realized that our liberties and wealth are in jeopardy.”
― Ron Paul

thank you...

but the way I posted was intended - I appreciate you reading and commenting.

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