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Durham cop threatens to beat citizen and plant cocaine on him.


Just like the mall cop, this officer at the end of a curse filled tirade against a non violent individual tells him he better show him respect. Does anyone really think this guy deserves respect after treating another human being this way and threatening the use of planting drugs to beat and enslave him? No matter what this guys previous crimes were, if he has served his time previously and is not in the commission of a crime, should anyone be treated like this? And they wonder why we have zero respect for them.

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I predict that this bad cop

I predict that this bad cop is going to be showering with large numbers of angry men who really hate cops, especially crooked cops. A friend of mine told me that this is in Canada. When I first saw this I thought it was in Durham, North Carolina.

Larry in North Carolina
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That's not real...

it's a clip from the movie "Shakedown" ... isn't it?

officer, your name and address please.

I need a proper introduction to feign respect.

(Probable) name

From the article:

"Two sources familiar with the force identified the officer in the video as veteran patrol constable James (Jamie) Ebdon."

I wish someone would set up a website

that shows these goons because someone knows who they are. Then we should post their name and address and phone# so we know how to contact them.

Websites In Existence Now

Two that come to mind are 'Information Liberation' and 'Copwatch'. Both post videos, and sometimes follow-up stories that name names, as civil and criminal charges progress.
Hook up with alternet sites that include credible links to others, and try following them one day, just to see what's out there.
What Really Happened simply links stories to sites, and InfoLib has links on the sidebar, and Media Monarchy has a whole page of seperate website links, and 'No One Has To Die Tomorrow' has some good ones, and Steve Quayle and Stan Deyo post stories that link to other sites (kind of like Drudge), and...

I found this site 5 years ago through other site links.
The problem really is, trying to get the MSM involved (but, of course, the six corporations that control it have a vested interest in keeping this type of evidence out of the view of people).

Be careful exploring, 'Ron'. I have found all kinds of things that caused issues (such as my home pages being redirected to Arlington, VA.).
There was this video that talked about Quaddafi and how he was none of the things that 'they told us he was, and before it was pulled by the international censors, i managed to download a copy of his book for governance, entitled 'The Green Book'. BOY, they really bothered my computer! It is a fascinating read, and all implemented (before 'we' overthrew the legitimate government, which he was NOT THE HEAD OF).
This information has been out there for YEARS.


I can build websites..

I can build websites..

All of his old cases

Everyone that has been arrested by the cop will now have to have their cases reevaluated.

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Can we get this guy's name? And address?

Surely he doesn't mind standing behind his comments?

Surely his superiors back him 100%. Let's reveal their addresses and put them on video just like the citizens who were threatened.

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Incidents like this seem to

Incidents like this seem to be more and more prevalent these days. It's no wonder so many people hate cops.

the only way you get cops

the only way you get cops like this to stop doin this is if they have to stop. As long as we cant slap these M Effers around for this kind of behavior they wont change, they are paid to do this

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this happened in 2011.

Here's an article on it.

"A Durham police officer has been disciplined after a video of his encounter with a citizen went online. Warning, the video contains graphic language."

"He's still on the front lines"


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What is his name?

And how many people has he arrested on cocaine "charges"?

And how much money has he pocketed in the process?

Where does he live?

Surely, he isn't scared to stand behind his actions.

its 'cos I owe ya, my young friend...
Rockin' the FREE world in Tennessee since 1957!
9/11 Truth.

holy crap dont even think

holy crap

i dont even think they realise how they come across, is it macho-ness or insecurities, have no idea.......the very thing that they believe will get people under control, is the very thing that is making them lose the control........you are criminals to us, because you use the protection of federal laws to protect actions like these(wheres the line in the sand, what WOULDNT you be willing to do).....under the constitution, you are abusing your given authority.
i dont expect you to care about the nonsense constitution as im sure you might view it, but others still do, passionatly enough, no doubt to make you regret breaking them, as you make people regret direspecting your made up authorities. and im not talking offensive violence

you dont catch criminals, by becoming the criminals, who then will catch you.......no one, hence all the hopla about the importance of our rights

You guys have never had a cop yell at you before?

This cop was totally out of line, don't get me wrong, this is not right. I have had a couple interactions with traffic cops when I was young where they lost it on me. One time I was driving a press truck and we ran the rout as we were trained to do, bringing bundles of papers to the downtown venders. I double parked as they taught us, but behind a cop who was giving a guy a ticket for double parking, LOL. Jesus, when I came back after running the bundles to the candy counter, that cop exploded on me. "Where in the F--- did you learn how to pull that S---, boy?" Spit was flying out of his mouth as he yelled at me. "That's how they trained me sir" (with smirk). He said if he gave me a parking ticket the press would just pay it, so he gave me a speeding ticket for not driving fast enough. I told my boss and the press paid the ticket for me, but I did get the points.

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Do you still have records?

Can you post this person's name and details?

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is there a place to see the

is there a place to see the whole (no cuts) thing, uncensored

What a surprise

The clown in the funny suit with a tin badge felt he wasnt respected.

Maybe if he could get a freakin job that didn't involve violence and theft people would respect him.

Although, he thinks respect means fear, they are not the same.

I would, and do, fear cops like him. Respect him? NEVER.


Liberty = Responsibility

Chirp me

What does chirp me mean?

Common sense is not very common.

I was guessing it was the old

I was guessing it was the old school Nextel Walkie-talkie-radio-type-phones. Maybe the resident was messing with "his" channel. I really have no clue but that is the only time I've heard "chirp".


Is to mouth off...hockey term for trash talk on the ice.

"Give a man a gun, and he could rob a bank. Give a man a bank, and he could rob the world."

thanks that helps me

thanks that helps me understand the video better. would like to see entire event still no edits.

Common sense is not very common.

Where did this happen?

We all need to report a crime!!! Cop shop number Plz. Durham NC?

This is not in Durham, NC.

This is not in Durham, NC.

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Canada? The vid looks to be from the Toronto Star. They sure don't sound like Southerners. If the video can pick up this "cop's" audio, then the other "cops" standing in earshot have heard his confession as well and are committing a crime by covering for their fellow thug's crimes.

people from Durham, NC dont sound like "southerners"

I have been there before. So your first point is irrelevant. Turn off the TV.


PS. I agree with your second point

Just another day at the office

This is how they roll....

I would've told him respect is earned not demanded, filthy swine!

"It is difficult to free fools from the chains they revere".

It's hard not to be a menace to society when half the population is happy on their knees. - unknown

This is not the security guard at the mall.

This is a straight up clear-cut case of a dirty cop. This guy has no ground to stand on and deserves not only to be fired but to be put in jail for making these threats to the disservice of all the other officers in Durham.

That is smoking gun evidence if I ever saw it.

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What would you guys think about ...

... setting up a website/organization that is something like CopBlock, but basically sends out email blasts to people to spread information.

For example, a video like this is taken, and we send an email blast to people who live in Durham NC asking for any info about who this officer is and would anyone come forward who have been threatened, intimidated, or falsely arrested by him.

Instead of people finding this information online, the information would find them, in their inbox.

Anybody think that is a good idea?