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Durham cop threatens to beat citizen and plant cocaine on him.


Just like the mall cop, this officer at the end of a curse filled tirade against a non violent individual tells him he better show him respect. Does anyone really think this guy deserves respect after treating another human being this way and threatening the use of planting drugs to beat and enslave him? No matter what this guys previous crimes were, if he has served his time previously and is not in the commission of a crime, should anyone be treated like this? And they wonder why we have zero respect for them.

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I would support this financially

Might even join the effort. PM me.

I love you. I'm sorry. Please forgive me. Thank you.
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There should be an investigation ...

... into every arrest that cop has ever made, and find out if he is as dirty as he tells people he is. And when he goes off to prison, this video should be the "featured film" at the prison for all his fellow inmates to see.

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edit: thug in a uniform, has admitted that he is a criminal. He is worse than a criminal because he is trusted to hold a higher standard. He should be fired immediately.

Probably will get just a slap on the wrist

And then a raise.

When the crap hits the fan, cops like this won't last long. Can you imagine the number of people who will be targeting him.

Cops, remember this, side with the people, and they will more likely side with you. You are supposed to be a peace officer, not "law enforcement," or a member of "the force."

Those terms are being used to promote power and authority, just like "the authorities" is used all the time.

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