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Tomas Young, Disabled Vet, Decides to Continue to Live!

My friend Tomas is going to live to fight another day. I am absolutely overwhelmed with joy by this. This is what a hero looks like. We should all be blessed that such people still exist and continue to struggle for what is right.

Kansas City - Disabled veteran Tomas Young announced Sunday evening that he would continue to live life day to day during a benefit with family, friends, and fans at the Alamo Drafthouse in KC. The Iraq vet who was paralyzed from the chest down had previously said that he planned to stop taking medication and food after his wedding anniversary in late April to a shocked audience during a screening of his bio Body of War. He described the pain of going on and his condition worsening after poor treatment from the Army and VA.

Photo: Jill Toyoshiba

A sold out show in Kansas City was held in his honor and to raise money for Paralyzed Veterans of America. Tomas surprised the audience via skype after a performance by Tom Morello of The Nightwatchman. Also on hand for the Body of War film screening and concert was film producer and close friend to Tomas Young, Phil Donahue.

Tomas said the stream of support he received from people responding to his dire statements caused him to change his mind about suicide and he would keep on fighting until the pain becomes too unbearable to stand for the sake of his wife and his mother. Tomas released a scathing indictment of the Bush/Cheney administration shortly after he announced he was ready to die, saying they were culpable and guilty of war crimes.

The KC Star did a piece on Tomas with a video: http://www.kansascity.com/2013/05/20/4245465/tomas-young-wou...

Tom Morello Rocks Tomas Young Benefit Videos: http://www.dailypaul.com/286192/tom-morello-rocks-tomas-youn...

Read Tomas letter to Bush and Cheney: http://www.rollingstone.com/politics/news/tomas-young-dying-...

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Make sure there are no nutritional deficiencies making things worse.

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Thanks for the link

I will have to check it out when I get a minute. Unfortunately for Tomas his suicide is not due to PTSD or anything he has seen, but for the sheer agony of his condition.

I encourage everyone to check out the film Body of War to see what the Army has done to him and soldiers like him.

Intrigued by the possibility of nutrients and minerals that will ease his pain over time though. I would be happy to pass that along and suggest people send him messages. To my knowledge he is just taking the endless list of medications to numb the pain.

Plus recently his colon was removed if I remember and he is on a liquid diet feeding tube.

Any other ideas are greatly appreciated.

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I'm so happy for him that

he's coming out the other side of that. The Army treats people so poorly. I wish they'd just be open about the fact that they treat hurting people worse than anyone else. That way, when we say, "it gets better", we can be clear that the rest of the world treats hurting people better than the Army and they are about to see better. They just have to make it past dealing with the Army to see it.

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Man I have mixed feelings

Man I have mixed feelings about this. I have alot of respect for Tomas and hope he's found some reason and comfort to live and not just doing it out of respect for his family and friends feelings.