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I Figured It Out: Updated

Mainstream Media News is an Infomercial for Government Products and Services.

Mainstream media TV news reporters are simply Salesmen and Saleswomen for government products and services.

Right-wing media specialize in selling military industrial complex stuff.

Left-wing media specialize in selling medical and education industrial complex stuff.

I really can't stand the pensive attitude of these government status quo product sales team reporters, especially when interviewing people like Rand Paul and Ted Cruz.

Did I get that right?

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Government Produces

Member-"ships" and Citizen-"ships" using intimidation, threats, and coercion. Government also appears to provide a plethora of services for members or citizens to come up on the short end of the receiving stick.

However based on your reply presuming business = production, I must ask ... what constitutes business? A so called legal dictionary would state business is merely what occupies a man's time. There would also be distinct classifications of business: 1) business in the ordinary course of life often deemed rights, and 2) business with an intent to realize a gain or benefit usually deemed privileges.

According to the classical liberal tradition of thought and Ron Paul, the proper size and scope of government is to protect life, liberty, and property. If what Ron states is true then government is a tool to be used by people at will for the protection of life, liberty, or property. In order for government to be good it must compete for souls who pledge allegiance by voluntary payment and not claim existence as a monopoly by defacto.

lovely analogy. :-)

lovely analogy. :-)

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Funny, I was thinking the other day...

about how its international bankers and multi-national corporations that REALLY control everything here in the US and pretty much everywhere around the world. It made me ponder that the POTUS and the "leaders" of other nations are really nothing more than the heads of the Human Resource dept for the corporate/financial cabals. The banks and corporations who run the world only have 1 big problem...and thats making sure the obedient workers don't get too upset...and if they do...the oligarchs need a "division" and a figurehead for all us useless eaters to vent our frustrations. The POTUS plays the part in which he was hired by the corporatacy. Keep the people focused AWAY from them,so they can continue to use, abuse, pillage, and loot the nations they control.

No doubt in my mind the corporate media is just another "department" in the global business that many have dubbed the NWO.

That's why the commercial airtime on the news networks

Is almost wall-to-wall big pharma.

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I guess it explains why some certain presidential candidate

had a grassroots-inspired money bomb with the theme "Black THIS Out."

Pretty good summary you got there.

Pretty much it...

They just read their scripts and tow the line, cause they don't want to jeopardize their fat paychecks

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They predict and report the weather too

They predict and report the weather too. Liberty!

And, don't forget that in-between government promotions they promote consumer products and services.

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Give the man a cigar !

Not buying what they sell, turn it off and tell them to go to.............

God Bless

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you win the prize!

indefinite detainment...

its 'cos I owe ya, my young friend...
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Yep ...

... you got it right.

The best term I've heard for today's journalist: stenographer.

Stenographer working for fiction writers.


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