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Kokesh Defense Fund Moneybomb

No matter what you think of Adam or what he does, he is still a voice for the movement. Not much would make bigger statement than justice prevailing and one of our spokesman getting out of the unjust charges brought against him.


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This just gets sleazier and fishier

And here I thought it was just all about Kokesh getting attention.

Come to find out the whole arrest was staged so that he could rile up the people more, claim he was "kidnapped" and conveniently bow out of the march because he now has a "federal rap sheet" and can't carry a gun.

As soon as I heard about the march this sounded like a play right into the enemies' hand.

Except our leader Kokesh won't be leading this one. He's left the suckers to accomplish the dirty work he started.

And now he's demanding money? Why am I not surprised...


Here is Adam's link at the Federal Bureau of Prisons.


Boy that looks almost as good

as Obama's birth certificate.

He's working for the Feds, why shouldn't there be a link for all the suspicious people as "proof" he's a prisoner?

Why the need to "prove" he's actually a prisoner? This is absurd.



So, he plans a marijuana smoking event. In a city which legalized pot. But decides to seek a permit to have it on federal property, where it is illegal. And somehow gets the permit. He shows up. There are cops everywhere. He takes pictures clowning with the signs that say marijuana is illegal there. He gets out a bullhorn in view and earshot of the park rangers and tells everyone to start smoking. He then gets arrested.


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Not Accepting Any More Donations?

I really hope that he can find an effective defense lawyer for $5300 because it does not seem to be enough.

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Isn't he pretty much a full-time activist? Meaning he has to get money from somewhere else? Like daddy's wallet maybe? Kokesh seems to have both the money and time to travel all over the country doing this stuff, and predictably, getting arrrested on this occasion.

As civil disobedience and a public issue, it is perhaps laudable.

But I am not buying that he needs us little folk to give HIM our money. He appears able to afford counsel.

"Two things are infinite: the universe and human stupidity; and I'm not sure about the the universe."-- Albert Einstein

Just another scam

I've noticed all these hoaxes lately have fund raisers.

Bump bump bump

Thanks for posting.

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Why? He's just going to use the money to buy more pot.

I wonder whether Kokesh staged this arrest as an excuse to bail on his proposed armed July 4 march and leave his sucker followers hung out to dry.

Well that IS his own business

what he wants to use the money for.

However, one *would* think that being on the payroll for the Feds would have given him a nice little bank account, though. And doesn't his Russian TV show pay well too?

That seems like...

A rather foolish thing to say....

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I'll take American, not Austrian

Why not march in support of Senator Elizabeth Warren's proposal to reduce student loan interest to 0.75%? Oh, that would run counter to Rothschild-funded Murray Rothbard's directive to make sure you pay "your debt" to the Federal Reserve gods. Our Constitution gives Congress the sole power to issue money and credit. Beware of any serpent who rides in on a Trojan Horse to sell you on the idea that the "free market" should set interest rates. A basket case of currencies? Give me a break.

Because Elizabeth Warren

is a habitually lying POS who runs around pretending to be a native American.


"Our Constitution gives Congress the sole power to issue money and credit [...]"

Yes, which is one of the Constitution's numerous flaws.

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Why march in support of anything

that doesn't fix the mathematically certain doomed-to-deprive-the-populace-of-all-productivity-and-treasure that is the Federal Reserve and IRS?

You picked a very odd example.

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March for progress, one step at a time

Credit Webster Tarpley for the idea. Why that? Because it is marching for a concrete result. This armed march on Washington has a nebulous goal, if any. If Warren's proposal gets traction, it forces the Fed to issue the loans, and it re-asserts Congress' Constitutional power to regulate the value of money. That is a step in the right direction. We can't wait for an audit of the Fed to begin the process of making the Fed subservient to the People. We can take the bull by the horns and make the Fed subservient via Warren's bill. The audit will be phony anyway.

What gives

Elizabeth Warren, Congress or anybody else for that matter the authority to fix the price of student loan debt? Don't you think that the markets would be more efficient at determining the going rate for debt? You do know where you are at.... right?

Article I Section 8: "To coin Money, regulate the Value thereof"

In theory, free markets work. In reality, we don't have free markets in America. We have rigged markets. In theory, a benevolent dictator is the most efficient form of government. In reality, there are no benevolent dictators. The reason our Constitution is great is because it created a system of checks and balances that deal with reality. That's why the Constitution gives Congress the sole power to issue money and credit. Congress is the elected representatives of the People. We don't get to elect the Fed chairman. We don't get to elect JPMorgan's chairman. If the bankers can create money out of thin air due to fractional reserve banking, what power do the People have to set interest rates? The banks don't need to loan to you. Donald Trump isn't a billionaire because he knows anything about business -- he's a billionaire because the banks give him loans. This kid at Tumblr who is now a billionaire because he sold out to Yahoo -- he generated a measly $13 million dollars in earnings but got loans of $125 million to do it. The power to loan money is the engine that allows people to make money. Certainly, our current Congressmen are ill-equipped to deal with this Constitutional responsibility, but the path to recovery is returning to the American Constitution, not being taken for a ride to Austria.


you have a problem with fractional reserve banking practices. See I thought you were talking about price fixing... you know... the price of debt. I think a discussion about fractional reserve banking would be for a different thread and has nothing to do with Elizabeth Warren or Adam Kokesh. For that matter, I would like to see Elizabeth Warren take on the institution of fractional reserve banking. If that were to happen I might start taking her seriously.

This seems (once again)...

Like a lot of inteli-babble to diffuse the reality that what you said "seems like a rather foolish statement"...And it is and you obviously can't own that you are a fucking tool...Everyman fights tyranny in their own way...Including AK...I hope you are doing the same...

Bad food, worse weather, please rEVOLution the states so I can bring my family back home!
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A fool and his money are soon parted

Why not an armed march to the prison to demand the release of Kokesh?

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I would have donated.

And if/when it comes up again, I will.

The fact is, that while I disagreed with his approach, this event -almost- justifies his behavior.

Regardless, all opportunities to resist the police state must be taken including defending political prisoners.

The Philosophy Of Liberty -

the arresting officer needs to be outed...

...and publicly shamed and all involved need to be made an example of...


Hey, I don't like everything he does as a "celebrity", nor do I agree with his atheistic worldview, but if this is handled right and justice prevails and the NDAA t takes a stripe...good for us!

You don't like much about him

yet you seem not to question his authenticity or the intentions of his theatrics, or whom he might really be working for.

Why is that?

What you describe

is exactly what needs to happen. We as libertarians need to agree to disagree on what we disagree on. Then stick the bickering aside and move forward as a collection of individuals towards what we almost unanimously do agree on.

But Kokesh hates libertarians

He's an anarchist.

Why are you pretending otherwise?

I don't think Adam hates libertarians

I think YOU hate Adam. YOU go on with that and let me know how it works out for ya.

Thanks guys

looks like they shutdown contributions after they made their goal of $5000.


I wouldn't be able to sleep if I just ignored this plea for help and did nothing. I wish there were a fund to prosecute the bastards that arrested him and filed a false reports/charges.

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I agree with you on all counts.

Cheerfully donated to this cause, today, too.

Norfolk, VA

Time to INVESTIGATE the investigators of 9/11. PROSECUTE the prosecutors. EXPOSE the cover-up.

This needs to be much more ambitious.

If Adam is, indeed, facing felony assault charges, he will need more like $100,000 for his defense. We should focus on this as an opportunity to revitalize the liberty movement.