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Kokesh Defense Fund Moneybomb

No matter what you think of Adam or what he does, he is still a voice for the movement. Not much would make bigger statement than justice prevailing and one of our spokesman getting out of the unjust charges brought against him.


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Is Trevor Lyman around? We need some skills.

lol still waiting on the

lol still waiting on the email reminders to go out for the december 2007 moneybomb

Donors Should Get "Shares"

...in his civil rights lawsuit awards. This would enable activists (such as Adam) to hire the best attorneys and provide an even greater incentive for donors to give more.


A free market solution. "Invest in Kokesh". I'm sure it would return more than holding FRNs.

Why do we need a defense fund

Why do we need a defense fund before we know if he is even being charged, or let go?

If you disagree with me on anything you are not a real libertarian...


they need to collect the money quick before people find out this was all staged.

Just wait til it's announced he can't lead the march but his fans will have to go without him. They'll be demanding their money back then. Or not.

"There's a sucker born every minute." -- David Hannum

A true libertarian

would not expect others to haul him out of the hole he has dug for himself. He would take responsibility for his own actions...including paying for his own legal fees when he put himself in the spotlight of the law.

I don't get this blame the victim mentality.

Being in a spotlight doesn't make someone deserving of bogus charges.

The way I see it he has not

The way I see it he has not dug himself into a hole at all.Would you like to explain in detail how he did?
Not everyone may like the guy,but from the video I saw,all he was doing was using his first amendment rights.
That could easily have been you or me in that same situation.How would you feel if no one wanted to help you out when you know you did nothing wrong?
Bottom line is they had no reason to arrest him and hold him without bail.They are using him as an example,and if we don't stand up to this tyranny at this stage then I don't think there is much hope for us keeping the freedom we do have left.

Voluntarism. If you don't

Voluntarism. If you don't want to volunteer, then don't.

Has Ron Paul ever practice

Civil disobedience?


Gee I don't know

Why don't you tell us?

All of you Kokesh fanboy anarchist provocateurs have done nothing but bash Ron Paul... now you're coming on here to beg money and support?

You've got a lot of nerve.
Too bad there's suckers on here who don't know what an ungrateful egotistical piece of crap Kokesh is.
Or who he's really working for.

"I do believe that in the

"I do believe that in the near future - we will - many of us will - have to make a decision whether we'll practice civil disobedience. Of course I believe in that - I believe that Gandhi and Martin Luther King did bring about positive changes and they weren't violent people. But when the state goes off track, you usually do have to stand up. Just when civil disobedience should be practiced is an individual, personal decision."

- Ron Paul, 8/20/2008

Doesn't matter

Jill is the yard stick that all libertarians are measured by.

Then don't donate


I wouldn't waste

my money.

did the title automagically change?

that's weird.. it says "bomb-kokesh-defense-fund" in the link...

I use Blue Wave, but don't expect one of THEIR silly taglines.

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"Bomb Kokesh Defense Fund" makes no sense

So it was changed to something that could not be trivially misinterpreted violently to onlookers.

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I agree.

Kokesh Defense Fund Moneybomb might make a little more sense to the average browsing person out there.

I mean after all, why would anyone want to "Bomb Kokesh's Defense Fund?"


I'm a moron.

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Awe c'mon spoon

Moron is a bit harsh. Everybody gets occasional days like that.

Naw it's warranted

I guess I get used to think of this place as my living room and get to comfortable without realizing that this stuff is accessible to anyone in the world. Apparently if I am allowed to run amok the DP will be in the headlines as a haven for terrorists or something. Thanks Jon for keeping me in check!!!

The defense fund

is monetary collection for Adam's defense. So the term "bomb" was, as in a money bomb. I thought that considering the audience that was apparent.... but I don't think for everyone.

I don't know

Let's see what happens if I change it back.

Can I inquire

as to why a mod changed the title from "Bomb Kokesh Defense Fund" to "Free Adam Kokesh"?