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Chairman of the N.A.F.B.P.O. calls for implementation of one of RP's ideas

RP has called for the U.S. military to help secure our borders.
The Chairman of the National Association of Former Border Patrol Officers said "The best solution is for the U.S. military to assume armed positions along the border..."


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theres a thing in Nafta the us can't deploy military on border

they caught alot of heat when they did it ove rthe summer the soldiers couldn't participate just as a deterant must not stop the globalists and there illegals and massive amounts of drugs

"All tyranny needs to gain a foothold is for people of good conscience to remain silent" Thomas Jefferson

"All tyranny needs to gain a foothold is for people of good conscience to remain silent" Thomas Jefferson

somehow I think NAFTA policies may not be implemented

quite so well under President Paul, lol.

Again, just set up elite units under BP, don't call them military. Give them authority to STK if necessary. Night scope stuff, the whole works. I don't mean driving around in Broncos. Camp 'em out on known routes and engage. All under the BP Service.

Cant do that, isnt it

Cant do that, isnt it against the founders writings to deploy the armed forces within the US? Isnt that the posse comitatus(sp?) or something to that nature.

Just build a freakin fence and run 50,000 volts thru it, problem solved.

Ron Paul 2012

not sure, but there are alternatives

for instance, using National Guard which is defiinitely legal or form special forces type teams as a division within border patrol. They could be ex-rangers, seals, whatever, and skilled in small unit combat operations, which are effectively the same thing. They can use the effective and nimble tactics and equipment of the corresponding military unit.

Also, if the military units were not deployed against American citizens or to occupy our streets, just border security, I don't think that would violate the Constitution. Although I would not want to "sneak around" the document either.

especially when it's the drug running that is becoming the

major issue. The level of violence directed not only at border patrol, but at ordinary citizens by Mexican drug cartels is exploding. I'm a biologist and anyone in my profession attempting to do research in southern Arizona is risking his/her life. It has become so bad that many night time studies of animal behavior have been abandoned. Any scientist wishing to work in Organ Pipe National Monument is required to sign a waiver accepting the possibility of being murdered by Mexican drug cartels. I believe the form actually mentions murder or death.

And we are worried about Iranians crossing into Iraq.

Criminals...and I don't mean the drug smugglers.