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Wolf Blitzer Asks Tornado Survivor If She Thanked the Lord; Tells Him She’s an Atheist

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Green Screen

Staged. CNN will do anything to boost their ratings.

Who Cares and Why Is This News Exactly?

Some thank the lord, some don't. Is that really news these days?

I did not mind the question.

I did not mind the question.

I did not mind her reaction.

and her son is adorable.

I'm not going to attack anyone.

This was probably a set-up question....

Reporters don't ask "if someone thanked God"....ever. Many victims being interviewed independently spoke of being thankful which I'm sure irritates the non-believers - to have to listen to any talk about God - certainly never by the reporters but one can't stop the ordinary citizen from speaking...so the press retaliated by manipulating an atheist to say "I don't thank God" for anything.
Things are getting more obvious every day.


Lots of down votes on this one.
One can be an atheist - or support atheist rights - and still recognize manipulation.
It's not about "atheism" or ones right to express it - it's about whether or not it was quite possibly staged.
I shall assume that all the "downers" truly believe that this rare tv moment was an honest exchange...no pre-selected interviewee or leading question involved.
Oh well, guess it's not as "obvious" to some as I thought.

Eh, this is front page? Crazy

Eh, this is front page? Crazy zealots.. and for all those praying you should probably know that a religious organization did a proper study on the effects of prayer and found... it doesn't work! So rather then pretend like you are helping by praying to relieve your guilt, actually help.

Study on prayer:

Wolf possibly just saved her soul.

For a long time, she may have felt that we exist in grand insignificance.

Perhaps, Tomorrow, she will know what it means to be saved with a new day of life - that may not have been.

"God works in mysterious ways"

They that give up liberty for security deserve neither.

So I did an archived search

And at no time has Blitzer, an adheirent of Jewdism himself, ever asked anyone this type of question in reference to disaster coverage before. That is to say neither bing nor google presented a match to my very specific querry.

Does it matter what this woman said? It does to her, and it is her right to choose in this country, at least for now it is.

I'm very well known as a Jesus freak here, and rightly so, I dearly love God. But, as much as I desire that everyone discover the amazing relationship in Jesus with God that God has for them should they seek it, it is entirely upon each of us alone to choose either for or against doing so.
Jesus never converted through abuse or coercion, love was his sales point and it worked. He left this earth with @ 120 men still his disciples ( Acts 5 ) and now He has over Two Billion alive at this very moment, not too shabby but He desires that all come unto him.

If we say we are his, should not all we do prove it?

God Bless

Drew, by the very grace of GOD through the blood of Christ Jesus.
"there shall come after us men whom shall garner great wealth using our system, and having done so shall seek to slam the door of prosperity behind them." George Washington


about CNN is fake.

This is like if a woman was raped

and then the reporter says, "Well, thank the Lord he didn't cut up your face"... what a joke.

I smell greenscreen

Does anyone else smell greenscreen?

Charles Jaco and Carl Rochelle, do you guys smell greenscreen?

whiff whiff...

I dunno...

but yeah, I clicked 'Play' and my mind immediately went straight to, "OMG! this totally looks greenscreened!" I spent the remainder of the vid attempting to see it as not greenscreened. I failed in that attempt. I watched it a second time. I was then able to convince myself that what appears as greenscreen artifact might possibly be general effect from low resolution video. I thought for a moment to search for a higher rez version, but then realized I just don't care anymore. These days I simply see CNN as entirely fake. As such, I remain unconcerned to what degree that is evident.

I suppose you're probably right

Of all things to call them out on, this probably isn't even worth the time.

cake or death? ...cake please!

If you or anyone else actually did dig into it further, I'd certainly find it worthwhile on my part to read whatever turned up. Here though, I was simply happy to read your comment and know that I wasn't insanely alone in my thought of greenscreens [real or imagined]. My reply cared to return the sentiment. As a matter of fact, upon my initial video viewing, I also thought the piece to be scripted and the woman to be a crisis actor. Those things would go hand in hand with greenscreening I suppose. All I know is that we're not in Kansas anymore. That's a lie. Truth is, I don't actually know anyone from Kansas, might just be a conspiracy of cartographers...

The sight is dismal;
And our affairs from England come too late:
The ears are senseless that should give us hearing,
To tell him his commandment is fulfill'd,
That Rosencrantz and Guildenstern are dead:
Where should we have our thanks?

And yet, it wasn't the government

It was Churches who were the human aid that immediately stepped up to help.

St Andrews Methodist
Crossings Community Church
Gateway Baptist Church
Antioch Christian Church
All donations to Knights of Colmbus Nationally, with Archbishop Paul Coakley, Catholic hospital took a hit, remained opened and acceptiong Atheist patients free of Charge.

Look up the term "logical fallacies"

She didn't say religious people were bad. And much like myself after Katrina, there were many atheists and atheist groups that pitched in.

So...your point?

Nevermind...you don't have one.

"In the beginning of a change the patriot is a scarce man, and brave, and hated and scorned. When his cause succeeds, the timid join him, for then it costs nothing to be a patriot."--Mark Twain


I originally felt the same reaction you had to his post but I'm thinking his point was more anti-government/FEMA than anti-atheist. Much like Ron Paul when he talks about how some churches and hospitals will help people who need medical care even if they do not have insurance: he's not bragging about Christianity and how good we are, he's saying the government doesn't need to step in and, in all likelihood, end up making a mess of things.

I had family in Katrina and in Moore

They are athesists, and theuy were happy to receive the generous donations from the Churches. I really liked what the woman who was an Athest said in the end. She has hope.

As for me, I am a SHEEP so Bah to you! :D


Glad she spoke her mind. Made Wolfy look like an idiot.

God is not willing

that any should perish - something to ponder there girlfriend!

Congratulations for joining

Congratulations for joining the Obama administration in using victims of tragedies to advance a personal agenda. I'm willing to bet that for every atheist, hundreds were praying to God for their lives.

Looks like

God listened to some but not others. Perhaps the dead just weren't praying hard enough?

haha He acts in mysterious ways

says the survivors.. I'm sure the dead are thinking cruel, vengeful, brutal, evil, vicious ect.

That depends on...

...which view of the afterlife is correct. If the atheists (you?) are correct, then the dead aren't thinking anything. Their previous, pointless arrangement of material and energy has just been rearranged into another pointless state; the illusion of an actual person being there has evaporated, like the dissipation of a cloud that looked like a sailing ship, but really wasn't.

Personally, I believe that anyone who dies will continue on their journey and discover more of the big picture, and any remaining confusion surrounding their earthly lives will eventually, if not immediately, be lifted. Some will still have raised fists of defiance against Love and Light, and may wind their way through outer darkness before at last being willingly reconciled. But all things in Creation will be eventually reconciled through and to Love, and the pains of this life will be like a distant, fuzzy remembrance of a speed bump on the way to absolute joy and peace.

Is your standard...

...that no one should ever be allowed to die and be drawn out of this corrupted world into the next phase of their eternal existence? There is no pleasure in anyone dying, under any circumstance; but you can't judge the long-term working out of the reconciliation of the cosmos and every creature within it based on the narrow window of this chapter of life on earth. That's like calling one piece of a puzzle the entire puzzle. Every one of these souls is in God's ultimate care -- you just don't understand the whole picture yet. (Neither do I.)

Edit: hard to interpret downvotes with no comments, by the way. What is being objected to? I personally object to the use of a tragedy like this to try to make people despair of the idea of God. In reality, if atheism is true, then the lives and deaths of everyone are mere rearrangements of material and energy with no real person or meaning or purpose there at all. That view consigns everyone to the hell of pointlessness. I'd much rather find hope in Person and Love being eternal reality, working all towards ultimate good, despite the pains and evils along the way.