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Portland Oregon Public Vote On Fluoride Ends Today

Recorded an interview with Healthy Kids, Healthy Portland: the non-profit group attempting to convince the people of Portland to vote "yes" on water fluoridation. It's been a huge, dividing political issue up here. He does his best to deny that fluoride is an industrial by-product.

This Hitler video has it nailed pretty good.

Please go to the Healthy Kids, Healthy Portland Facebook page and give them a piece of your mind:


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It was a L-A-N-D-S-L-I-D-E

Fluoridate the water supply of Portland?

No 69,303 61%
Yes 44,946 39%


Woohoo! :)

Keeping Portland 'weird' (in the good way :)). I'll continue to be more at ease drinking the water in Portland restaurants, when we head up there to satisfy our foodie cravings. Congrats and thank you, Portlanders! :)

Good job, PDX!



Waiting for the results with great anticipation.


Great work. If it passes, I will probably seek out a class action law suit.

There was an interesting argument in the voting guide.

Are you associated with: http://www.fluoride-class-action.com/portland

"Oregon law at OAR 333-061-0005 provides: “Products added to public water systems for ... fluoridation ... shall meet the requirements of National Sanitation Foundation Standard 60 ...”. NSF Standard 60 requires that around twenty toxicological studies be done, however, NSF admits that toxicological studies have never being done. Thus, fluorosilicic acid does not “meet the requirements” of NSF 60 and therefore may not legally be used for fluoridation under Oregon law."


This is fantastic!