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MUST SEE! Beautiful Summary NAILS the Democrats on Iraq & Patriot Act!

Beautiful Summary nails the Democrats!

Facts...quotes...votes...the absolute best straightforward compilation I've seen yet!

Send to all your Dem friends and show them this is why you support our farsighted Dr.Paul!

Patriot Act. Did you know that in two votes WHO passed the bill. Twice? HRC, H. Reid, Obama?
New Bill RPaul?


scroll to the last pages... later read the entire text
it is quite enlightening about Iraq War and WMD with
quotes from key Democrats

October 25, 2001
March 2, 2006
each vote approved the Patriot Act last date included Obama.
Hillary Harry Reid, John Edwards, Ted Kennedy ??

WHO knew?
NOW Ron Paul has placed the American Freedom Act 2007, HR 3835 Monday October 15, 2007. He wants to remove the current policies that have been voted in place.


I cannot help but wonder why this is not so PUBLIC, Media Matter's FOXNews? Am I alone did you know? SO, like the Iraq war it became unpopular? But they voted twice. Surely they had time to get properly briefed on the bill they signed?

or once you re-visit my link you see we are in Iraq War #2. Thanks.

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