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Go get the Thompson Supporters Now!


I am a businessman in Europe with ZERO time on my hands to help. I cannot post here like I did over Christmas vacation. So I will say a few things now and maybe sign on a few times per week.

I have tried my best to get the campaign and the buzz to stress "No Internet Regulation"...so far to no avail. I said I would only donate again if RP discussed Internet Regulation and he did not do so...which in aggregate might show why he only got $1.8Millon on MLK Day.

Bottom Line: There are reasons why many specific individuals donated in November and December...they had specific issues about personal liberty that they wanted addressed....and I can imagine many are still waiting for the candidate to address those issues even in a general sense. He might want to read his inbox...although I have to admit that people at Daily Paul generally do NOT discuss specific grievances like Internet Regulation that Dr. Paul should address.

RP is not going to win the Rep nomination by stressing that he would run some kind of Jimmy Carter foreign policy, where Jimmy Carter gave away the Panama Canal and looked stupid when 400 Americans were held hostage in Iran. RP needs to make a name for himself by hitting another big issue.

I know that hundreds of thousands of men's rights activists flocked to Ron Paul last fall because the entire Congress is giving radical feminists everything they ask for in the hope of keeping the "women's vote", but Hillary already has the votes of the type of woman who loves radical feminist ideas. Ron Paul, who in Congress supports these guys' rights, has been silent about them on the campaign trail. If RP took on the NOW, he would become the frontrunner overnight because American male Republicans dislike the NOW more than any other institution...despite the fact that the MSM has been trying to pretend otherwise.

One of the worst areas where men are being specifically targeted by Congress is on the Internet. Congress wants men to be background checked before communicating with others on the Internet (McCain would want this blog monitored for sex offenders). Congress also badly wants porn to be thrown behind a screen where everyone who views it must sacrifice their anonymity via credit card identification.

If Ron Paul started to discuss these issues, he would advance in the polls and more would donate to him. The $1.8M was OK, but it is a significant drop from the $6M in December.

About Thompson: Out on the Blogosphere, I do NOT see many RP supporters corralling the Thompson supporters.

But they are ripe for the picking. Sign up at FreeRepublic.com now and talk them into it. Only do so if you are really a conservative and please do NOT argue against the Iraq War over there. You can say that non-interventionism was something that Reagan did in the Middle East after the Beirut bombing killed 230+ Marines....but avoid saying the Iraq War was wrong.

At least tell the Thompson supporters that a vote for RP would force the powers that be to find someone OTHER than Romney or McCain.

They will understand the logic that McCain and Romney need to be stopped by diverting delegates to RP.


Do not spend too much time at DP. Google Duncan Hunter blogs and go get these people. QUICKLY.

Go to www.technorati.com and search for Ron Paul, Duncan Hunter, Fred Thompson and mix it up with the people on those blogs.

Hint: They mostly hate RP on these blogs. RP has a huge negative in the polls. These people are stuck on the idea that RP is crazy and his supporters are crazy.

Please show them otherwise. I do not have the time now that vacation is over.