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Conservatives March on IRS Building; IRS Agents Respond by Mocking Protesters

"Downtown Cincinnati, home of some of the conservative groups targeted by the IRS, saw one of the nation’s largest protests today. It began in Fountain Square, two blocks away from the federal complex that houses a large IRS office."

Photo blog of the day's event, including the sign slapped up in an IRS agent's office window which incensed the crowd...


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Why Bother?

You have the power to abolish the IRS and Federal Reserve without protesting, and without involving your worthless elected officials.

Stop endorsing private credit and start redeeming lawful money.

That is the key, and it works rather well. Protesting just gives the organization legitimacy.

Star Trek poster

Ron brought the Liberty movement together, Rand is expanding the crap out of it! :)

the dudes probably the type

the dudes probably the type to step over the elderly trying to escape the crowd he/she just played chicken with.....

"oh shit!oh shit!oh shit!"

..... assuming he/shes brave enough to stand by their
actions, and run, instead of calling mama authority and dada authority, to enable such behaviour........

at somepoint, your siblings will grow up, and your ma and da government will not have the ability to dictate their lives, hell, a caring parent would try to encourage their young to be self sufficient, atleast that way the siblings would WANT to return the favor


People in jail will never solve the problem. Because another Agent will just continue what was left behind. The only way we win is if we Abolish the Federal Reserve & The IRS.

What are the names of the IRS

What are the names of the IRS employees who authored the extensive questionnaires for conservative groups to answer, and with the claimed lack of personnel in the Cincinnati office, how is it that IRS employees had so much time to author those documents and check the answers?

I sent this question to Rand Paul to ask.

the IRS is pathetic!

shame on the IRS workers for allowing this to happen.

Good turn out.

Good turn out.

Southern Agrarian

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Nice effort. The next few

Nice effort. The next few protests should be even bigger.

What did the poster in the

What did the poster in the IRS window say that supposedly incensed the crowd?

What needs to happen is people need to fear being an IRS agent to the point that no one will take the job. IRS agents are arrogant fucks that need a motivational seminar to stop pillaging the people.

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