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Is this a hoax? Private plane shot down over Area 51 by directed energy weapon

by Shepard Ambellas
May 21, 2013

NEVADA — A woman by the name of Jill, left a voicemail for Art Bell, a renown radio talk show host, saying “Art, answer the Wild Card Line. My boyfriend is in a small plane north of Las Vegas, ready to fly into Area 51.”

Art Bell then connects the phone line to the pilot and verifies his identity. You can indeed tell the man is in an airplane of some sort.

The man verifies that his girlfriend is Jill, the woman who phoned, leaving a message for Mr. Bell that her boyfriend was ready to overfly Area 51.

The man describes how he is in an experimental aircraft with 120 horsepower, flying at 120-140 mph and explains to Art how he is near “Indian Springs”, Nevada. Saying on the live broadcast, “as an American citizen we have a right to know what’s here in this here Area 51″.

read and listen http://intellihub.com/2013/05/22/pilot-overflies-area-51-bef...

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Definitely fake.

As one of the youtube comments mentioned, there's no doppler effect heard in the sirens. No way this is real. And the 'F-16' swoooshing in sounds and 'cannon' fire were pretty cheesy.

I hope so

We all want to know what is there and why but it's not worth dying for.

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