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With Adam Kokesh Detained will the DC Open Carry March Go on as Planned?

This is one question among others, which occurred to me as I pondered what Mr. Kokesh must be contemplating finding himself locked in a cage, put there according to the arresting officer’s own affidavit, in pursuit of executing his duties as a Drug War enforcer.*

Love him, hate him, or conspiratorialize about him, Mr. Kokesh is at least in my view, in many ways the Liberty Movement’s very own Sam Adams, i.e. the Founding Generation’s rabble-rouser-in-chief. With the announcement by Adam of his intent to march into the District of Criminals this upcoming Independence Day (a.k.a the 237th Anniversary of Secession from Great Britain Day), some charged that Mr. Kokesh was merely seeking publicity for himself and in doing so his actions were detrimental to the larger movement.

A contention that could not ring any more incorrect by my estimation; for as I see it, Adam was/is willing to subject himself to imprisonment, primarily as a means to demonstrate that the unalienable right to self-defense, is unabashedly under assault despite all STATE claims to the contrary.

Thus, what better way to halt a future public display of growing anger towards the cancerous malignancy upon humanity known as the U.S. government on such a historically significant day, than by detaining the event’s organizer and charging him with assault on a federal officer? A charge, which all by itself brings further suppression of liberty prior to any finding of guilt whatsoever.

Merely by being charged under TITLE 18 USC § 111*, subjects Mr. Kokesh to the absolutely draconian provisions contained within TITLE 18 USC § 3142*, which pertains to bail and asserts that upon whim of a federal judge, he may decree Adam:

  • Submit a DNA sample*
  • Surrender all existing firearms & ammunition*
  • Not knowingly engage in any future actions that constitute a felony* [read: DC March]

Such troubling demands beholden to the whim of a judge produce even further questions, whose consequence cannot be underestimated regardless of how they progress. Will Adam acquiesce and provide the Central Government the address he keeps his firearms, which as of this writing he has peacefully remained silent and refused to comply, but perhaps even more importantly, will there still be a march?

Let us hope so, because the fear demonstrated by the U.S. government towards one man they view as an outspoken critic of their tyranny, will be multiplied ten-fold, upon the sight of thousands of individuals unwilling to consent or back down even if they prevail in preventing Adam’s direct involvement.

* =Source(s):

  1. AFFIDAVIT of Donald Reed, NPS Case: 2:13-mj-00635
  2. 18 USC § 111 - Assaulting, resisting, or impeding certain officers or employees
  3. 18 USC § 3142 - Release or detention of a defendant pending trial

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Good Article, Allison

Love hearing your voice about these things.