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Friend of Tamerlan Tsarnaev killed by FBI Agent while being "interviewed" in Orlando

2 FBI Agents Involved in Dzhokar Tsarnaev's Arrest "FALL" Out of Helicopter and Die
News interview with friends of guy who was killed: http://www.wesh.com/news/central-florida/orange-county/fbi-a...


An Orlando man who was shot and killed by an agent with the FBI early this morning was friends with the Boston bombings suspects, according to a friend of the victim.

That man, Khusn Taramiv, thinks it was his friend — Ibragim Todashev — who was shot this morning in the 6000 block of Peregrine Avenue in Orlando.

Todashev, 27, was arrested by the Orange County Sheriff's Office on May 4 and charged with aggravated battery with great bodily harm.

Taramiv told several television outlets his friend was being investigated as part of the Boston bombings and knew bombing suspect Tamerlan Tsarnaev because both were mixed martial-arts fighters.

The FBI has not released the name of the suspect who was shot or confirmed the possible connection to the Boston bombing suspects.

"The agent encountered the suspect while conducting official duties," said Dave Couvertier, FBI spokesman. "We are still gathering facts involving the shooting incident."


Another: http://www.clickorlando.com/news/fbi-involved-in-fatal-shoot...
Newest FBI story about the Chechen they killed today in Florida

He 'confessed' to the murders of Tamerlan's sparring partner and friends....and then attacked them.

Case closed!

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You don't know what "those two did after they knew the police

were after them." You don't know when they knew, what they knew nor what they thought. You only know what you think and were told and fed by the trusted main stream media or wherever else you get your misinformation or information as the case may be. But you certainly don't have enough information to judge their guilt or innocence.

Do you have the evidence...

...to declare their innocence? Or is your general mistrust of government, law enforcement, witnesses, and everyone in the media enough for you to declare their innocence?

Can I ask why you think that?

Why the blind trust in the "official story" when there has been so much evidence over the years that governments are not to be trusted (again, are you following the White House scandals?)

I assume you believe the official story on JFK as well?

Now that you mention it...

...I am convinced Oswald acted alone in assassinating Kennedy, after attempting to assassinate a general, and before killing a cop.

I think all of Kennedy's relatives are convinced Oswald acted alone -- at least publicly as far as I know. Oswald's wife (until years later) and his mother-in-law and his neighbors and his coworkers and the eyewitnesses who testified they saw him holding the rifle through the window were equally convinced Oswald and Oswald alone killed JFK.

The only people who are not convinced are (1) people who weren't there but have read sensationalistic books, (2) people who are paid to tell a different story, (3) people trying to sell sensationalist books and websites.

There's a terrific book you might find interesting, entitled "Case Closed," which contains the actual evidence by the Warren Commission.

Wow, you are a delusional troll.

Go away with your blatantly willful ignorance. Simple minded sheepster.

I like it when certain people resort...

...to name calling. Can't argue on the facts? Then resort to name calling -- a clear sign of the obvious.

I always thought that some liberals and neocons are especially good at resorting to name calling, but lately I've come to believe that conspiracy believers actually have the liberals and neocons beat.

Warren Commission

Didn't they conclude that a conspiracy was likely?


The conclusion was Oswald acted alone, which he did.

With the help of Gerald Ford's alteration. ;)

The effect of Ford's editing, Morningstar said, was to suggest that a bullet struck Kennedy in the neck, ''raising the wound two or three inches. Without that alteration, they could never have hoodwinked the public as to the true number of assassins.''

If the bullet had hit Kennedy in the back, it could not have struck
Connolly in the way the commission said it did, he said....

...Ford's changes tend to support the single-bullet theory by making a specific point that the bullet entered Kennedy's body ''at the back of his neck'' rather than in his uppermost back, as the commission staff originally wrote.


So many people...

...involved in the "conspiracy" to kill JFK -- the eyewitnesses, the people in law enforcement who were at the scene, hospital staff, all of the ballistics experts who concluded that Oswald acted alone, all the politicians, even all the family members of both Kennedy and Connally who agreed with the Warren Commission's conclusion -- all of them in on a secret conspiracy.

Question: How could all of those hundreds of people, mostly just ordinary civilians, manage to keep such a conspiracy going on for decades?!

Answer: it's impossible.

Sorry but it's long past time to give the devil his due -- Oswald was a murderer who acted alone.

How? Easy when they were given false information...

...and when information is withheld, and when the media pushes a certain narrative.

Ford altered the location of where the bullet struck Kennedy, and information is still kept sealed (aka covered up) regarding the incident.

Not sure where you get the idea that the witnesses conclude Oswald acted alone when there were many people who described otherwise.

Not saying Oswald was or wasn't up to no good. But just like with McVeigh & Nichols and the Oklahoma City bombing, there is enough information known now to more than reasonably conclude they were not acting alone.