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Bump the Blimp!

The blimp is still $6,500 short the $100,000 and already behind schedule. I know most of us spent what we had in the MLK money bomb, but if you can don't forget the big balloon :)

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It's not much money to keep this in the air through Super Tuesday. Go get 10 bucks from everyone you know who supports Ron Paul, and give it to the blimp! We can have this done in no time!

This is far better than reinventing the wheel with other kinds of stunts and wishing later that you had kept the first one, after putting in so much effort at the beginning.

Keep it while you have it! A blimp in the air is worth lots of ads in non-read newspapers.

Everybody pls bump the blimp!

Donated yesterday. We need BLIMP POWER in Florida to counter massive media bias against non-CFR candidates!


Please drop a few buck on the blimp. We're almost there!

New Hampshire and Ecuador.


This isn't going to be a Lead Zeppelin, now is it, folks?
Keep 'er in the air!