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Frequencies Observed on Intellicast Radar Before Oklahoma Tornadoes

Frequencies Observed on Intellicast Radar Before Oklahoma Tornadoes. HAARP is used for weather modification. These HAARP rings were observed the day before this killer tornado and are worth investigating. Come to your own conclusions.
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The creator of this video notes these frequencies on the day before the tornadoes in Oklahoma.

Dutchsinse points out the frequencies as well.

The following day:


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If anyone can

go back to the day before the tornado outbreaks on April 27, 2011 and see if any of the criteria is meant on this date.

The best way to make a point is to find information that shows a pattern.

Why use HAARP? Many reasons

The most obvious is Media diversion away from current events. When scandals, dead bombing suspects, OBL "photo" suppression, etc., start to loose their distraction effects, it's time for an UNNATURAL disaster just like Hurricane Sandy.

Another reason is to CREATE Climate Change to push Agenda 21 as well as the "necessity" for drought resistant crops produced by chemical companies like Dupont and Monsanto.

After the HAARP-induced earthquake that Rocked Japan a few years back (look those radar videos up - it's soooo obvious Japan was TARGETED) earthquakes are a bit too risky to use on home soil. Severe weather is much easier and profitable. Yes, profitable. The Stock Market has risk options on weather related events now too.

HAARP frequencies may also distort human brain function affecting mood and general perception. This would also tie in to chemtrails and the spraying of metals into the air that then get into the human blood stream which would make the human body more receptive (like an antenna) to these changes (manipulations) of frequencies. This then could also tie in to the push for mercury-emitting (a liquid metal) Fluorescent light bulbs everywhere as well as the frequencies emitted by "Smart" Meters.

It's all a very neatly wrapped variety pack of insanity, isn't it?

"We are not human beings having a spiritual experience; we are spiritual beings having a human experience"—Pierre Teilhard de Chardin

Agree with your comments. Well said.

"a very neatly wrapped variety pack of insanity,"

The end justifies the means and anything goes; the mark of the immature and UN-evolved human stuck at the ego sensual level, needing more and more and more of everything, at any cost, addicted to needing MORE power, control, wealth, material possessions, and excitement.

Perfectly stated!

This really is a matter of conscious evolution. Those who saw the early sings and prepared themselves by putting their ego in its rightful place, which is to serve as the "identity" of these bodies and not as the Being itself, have risen to a level of consciousness and awareness where these sub-humans have no more power or control over. There is so much evidence out there now. People are almost being force fed Truth barely keeping up to digest the dissonance they must first face to consciously evolve themselves. But I see it more and more every day. And it's beautiful!

If it were not for the Darkness, we would not seek the Light. Before every paradigm shift, as well as any time of growth in one's life, there is always that uncomfortable point of chaos and feelings of despair we must break through to the Victory and Beauty just on the other side.

We're almost there, friend. I feel it in my heart with the fullness of my Being!

"We are not human beings having a spiritual experience; we are spiritual beings having a human experience"—Pierre Teilhard de Chardin

Why HAARP your own country.

It has been said that HAARP is a weapon used against other countries and if so it would be a very powerful weapon indeed but the question of why would it be used against your own country needs to be asked, and answered.

I don't know for sure if HAARP is capable of all the things it is credited/blamed for. If it is then one of the best uses would be to keep money flowing in a failing economy. After a disaster like this there will be millions of dollars spent in rebuilding efforts.

Just another thought that just hit me. Scripture speaks of increased earthquake activity, pestilence and such in the end times and many people think of it as earth rebelling or Gods punishment but it appears that just like the increase in wars and rumors of war these "natural" phenomena could very well be man made also.

Because it's not "their country"

IF there are people behind HAARP that are using it as a mass weather modification weapon on US soil, the people strategizing and using it that way are do not consider themselves US citizens.

Even if they were born and raised here.

The people behind this (if true) are globalists firsts and foremost. The sovereign US republic is an obstacle and - if they get their ways - its on it's way out.

Because they are involved in engineering its dissolution.

This is what is at the root of the most horrifying conspiracy theories - the ones so many people recoil from and emotionally reject as inconceivable.

The deliberate destruction of the US as a sovereign entity. The deliberate debasement of currency and implosion of the US middle class. The rising 24/7 stasi police state where everyone is a criminal but the elite and their lackeys.

The systematic poisoning of the food supply causing mass illness, enfeeblement and death. The simultaneous erosion and constriction of our medical system into a toxic chemical, radiation and emergency repair (ie surgical) authoritarian disease maintenance system.

The deliberate depopulation of the planet and iron control over the remainder.

This is why people automatically reject ideas like HAARP being used as a weapon. And forget about using it on US soil.

They don't want to believe that there are people capable of that kind of deliberate chaos and mass murder for any reason.

And beyond that they don't want to look at where accepting that possibility: that there are those kind of people, and they would do it, and that they do carry those plans out.

Because it leads them into a view of the world they find impossible to accept.

Hey man I agree.

I was just trying to point out how the ability to control "natural" disasters has many uses not the least of which is to guarantee the flow of money in the world economy. The PTB don't care if it is the U.S. or Japan or Germany as long as there is money being spent.

I don't know if HAARP is capable of all that is said but since it is based on Tesla's work then I have to suspect that it is and therefor very dangerous for us all.

But as far as obstacles go I would say that North Korea is more of an obstacle than their plans than the U.S. is. IMHO.

They also need some chaos to

They also need some chaos to distract us from the recent scandals. I find it strange that we had all the animal die offs related to elecromagnetic fields such as bird flocks going crazy and then months later we have these weather anomilies. I think the die offs might have been while they were testing a callibrating the HAARP machines and now the black ops guys have it dialed in and operational.

We all share this eternally evolving present moment- The past and future only exist as inconsequential mental fabrications.

Create fear.

Legislate more Power and control over the people. I do not think the PTB are really intelligent people. Might be a waste of time looking for intelligent motives. That is not to say this tornado was HAARP controlled, although it looks suspicious considering HAARP rings were seen the day before, and there are many events happening, like mass killings and bombings, that do not add up.

+ 1

Create fear... Legislate more Power and Control over the people.

Just had couple of beers -- feels like composing a poem exposing the 'evil machine'

LL on Twitter: http://twitter.com/LibertyPoet
sometimes LL can suck & sometimes LL rocks!
Love won! Deliverance from Tyranny is on the way! Col. 2:13-15

it makes me mad

I don't know, but I don't trust our government any way you slice it. I just don't like they way so many liberals tried to use this disaster to further their political agenda....especially global warming.

as a person who doesn't have MSM--

(but who does check the weather on the computer now and again)--

I am observing a number of things:

--people who listen to MSM get REALLY emotional about these things and talk about them at great length but don't really talk about what they can do to help

Other online places I frequent talk about how hard it is, but seldom is anything constructive done to help--

I come on DP, and here is Dexter trying to get supplies to Oklahoma, etc.--
with other people helping, but there isn't the "oh, this is TERRIBLE!"--
and the wringing of hands that there is here, where fewer people are manipulated by MSM

and . . .

--even on the internet it seems to be a dramatic production for the consumption of the 'viewing' audience--

disgusting . . .

It almost seems to be for sensation, rather than to spur viewers to help--

Interesting about HAARP, though; I always wonder.

it's hard to be awake; it's easier to dream--

Very perceptive observation

I have noticed this as well. Most people who rely on and believe MSM seem to have their cognition paralyzed with very little critical thinking or acting ability. In the same manner, they rely on "authorities" to take care of everything while they stand on the sidelines of life.

This is an interesting subject to me

because I am often in the path of these storms. For the last couple of years I have been following Dutchsinse's info about weather modification. His theory about "haarp rings/ scalar squares" and storm generation is interesting and many times seems to be spot on. These massive tornados are common here so I don't think the storm on Monday was man-made, however anything is possible. I think this subject needs to be approached scientifically so we do not jump to conclusions. Since I've been following Dutchsinse's information I have become more cautious about the storms that move through here. The weather stations had been talking about the severity of last weekends storms for over a week yet most people still did not take any precautions. I cannot believe so many people stayed at work and left their kids in a school without an underground shelter knowing that this kind of storm was possible and even probable given their location. It goes to the show the level of preparedness most people are at even for highly predictable events. Very tragic.

Lots of questions.

Dutchsinse does seem to be spot on with his predictions and he too made the call on this tornado before it happened.

Lots of senseless things are happening, like the Boston event where it was announced as a drill just before bombs exploded. Unreal.
HAARP rings were seen just before this big tornado (a cat 5?).

I have come to believe that the PTB who are running things are not very intelligent people. Stupid people do stupid things. Looking for an intelligent motive may be a waste of time.

"You never let a serious crisis go to waste. And what I mean by that it's an opportunity to do things you think you could not do before."
Rahm Emanuel and Obama and their puppet masters.