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"The world is run by people who just show up"

"The world is run by people who just show up" -- according to louisianaconservative.com.

There's a great lesson here for all of us. As we prepare for the WA caucus and primary, I'm proud of what we've done here for RP. But there's always more to do. The next couple of weeks are the most important in the campaign. Now is the time to "put the pedal to the metal" and go all out for Ron Paul!

Canvass, caucus, vote, win!!!!

BTW, it looks like "He, whose name shall not be spoken" in the MSM did pretty well in Louisiana.

Here's the link:


For the cause of liberty,

"Illegitimus Non Carborundum"

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llegitimus Non Carborundum?

llegitimus Non Carborundum?

I love that...

I guess people who just show up might be referred to as voters, lol.

I guess the people wanting a

I guess the people wanting a hand out stayed home.