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Ron Paul Chocolate Bar To Help Adam Kokesh Liberty Defense Fund. Please Step Up To Help!

Ron Paul Chocolate Bar has supported many liberty endeavors, but perhaps none as timely & great as helping a fellow liberty activist in dire need. Adam Kokesh needs our help.
We are helping to raise $ for Adam Kokesh's Liberty Defense Fund. He needs to be free & tell his story. Ron Paul Choc Bars are now only $1.30 Each & ALL proceeds in the next week will go to help with Adam Kokesh's Liberty Defense Fund. You receive two things: the original craftsmen Ron Paul Chocolate Bars[Dark & Milk,Deeply Discounted], & the knowledge that you are helping a fellow activist in great need. Whether we agree with Adam Kokesh on everything or not is besides the point. As individuals we are called together to help one another. We are on the outside, free & able to help. Adam is on the inside unable to help himself.

Please help us free Adam Kokesh by clicking the link below.

Tell a friend.


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Mmmm mmm

They still tryin to get rid of them thangs? They gotta be at least six years old by now.

I think you may have them confused with the ron paul choc coin

from 2008. These are RP Chocolate BARS -2013.


Oh...so they melted 'em down and made bars outta them?

Just joking :) I do remember the coins, but seems there were some bars--maybe not.

thats funny "melted the coins down

to make bars":)

i like the spirit of this

i like the spirit of this funding

great idea, although i sure wish we knew EXCACTLY where all the cents are going (the adam defence fund), not so much out of suspicion, but a common courtesy, a thing i wish were standard,
if you know beforehand what the funds will be used for, let us know, if you dont, let us know that too, and a promiss you will show us after

Not to OP, like i said, i like the spirit of this funding, and if im getting you right, this funding is independant of the adam funding, besides, its still early days

It is independent but it is FOR the Adam Kokesh Defense Fund

Ron Paul Choc Bar is not connected with the Adam Kokesh Defense Fund in any way. Our desire is to bolster help for Adam Kokesh. Because of the immediacy of the situation we chose to help in this way.

that is the spirit i was

that is the spirit i was refering too :D

good for you, wish you luck

deacon's picture

so can they be connected

if they are the RP 2013 choco bar,and being used for adam
or are you saying it is not connected with the other fund? and are using the bars as time is short?
just a question,no ill intent meant intended

If we deny truth before your very eyes,then the rest of what we have to say,is of little consequence

They can be connected in the way that RP Choc Bar can use

their 'commodity' {chocolate} to help...No worries, no ill intent taken-