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“Life is the gradual lessening of tears, so that those lesser of times, would be the loftiest of emotion and the deepening of human enlightenment”

“Your child is your oldest friend”

“The most brilliant scheme ever laid forth was that of labeling foods…for in labeling foods the people feel safe, yet they never bother to read them, let alone research what it is they are being given to consume”

“Your human, and arguably, spiritual worth, are set and measured by the space you forge within your child’s heart, and what you inspire them to fill it with”

“I will not continue to fund the corrupt, for it is as so it has been, and will continue on;
the corrupt if they are allowed to directly fund the divide between those who have and those who have not”

“The true worth of a man comes not solely from his own actions, rather, a conglomerate of the actions of his children”

Peace and Love to you all.

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