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Newest FBI story about the Chechen they killed today in Florida

He 'confessed' to the murders of Tamerlan's sparring partner and friends....and then attacked them.

Case closed!


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Sounds fishy

Why would they the (FBI) bring two cops from Boston to question a suspect in Florida. Unless they the (BOSTON COPS)where already in on the fix. Something just doesn't seem right?

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Huh, yeah, Fishy

Boy do I miss her.

I love you. I'm sorry. Please forgive me. Thank you.
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The FBI's story is absolute horseshiet

The FBI's story is absolute horseshiet
there is no way in hell he could of had a knife in an interrogation room.

also from the story regarding the 2011 murders...
"Mess and his two friends, were found murdered in a Harding Avenue home on Sept. 12, 2011. Their throats had been slashed. Marijuana had been spread over the bodies and $5,000 was left at the scene."

umm NO
sound like somthing form the onion news network

Tools of war are not always obvious. The worst weapon is an idea planted in the mind of man. Prejudices can kill, suspicion can destroy, and a thoughtless, frightened search for a scapegoat has an everlasting fallout all of its own.

Used to be, a cop could only

Used to be, a cop could only use an instrument of equal force on someone--if they were unarmed they could NOT shoot them, even if they came after them with a rock or a stick. Times have sure changed, and cops seem more now like cowardly, chicken-hearted, scared little boys, with murder in their hearts.


They allowed him to have a knife during questioning? Then as he was going to sign a confession, he attacked them with it?

Yep! That makes perfect

sense, a terror and murder suspect, wasn't relieved of his knife the second he came into contact with the law. Sheesh!!

And did the FBI

Happen to try to sell any certified autographed pictures of Sasquach then as well?

It's the Government, why would they lie? Uh, because they can ?

God Bless

Drew, by the very grace of GOD through the blood of Christ Jesus.
"there shall come after us men whom shall garner great wealth using our system, and having done so shall seek to slam the door of prosperity behind them." George Washington

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You just can't make this stuff up!

Unless, of course, you are the fbi, the cia, the kgb, or the dhs! Then, you can make up whatever idiocracy you like.

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true,but what makes that worse

in my eyes anyways,is people buy it,lock stock and barrel
even going so far as to denounce their own common sense
in the process

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from the article:

"The FBI said the suspect attacked the agents and two Massachusetts State Police Troopers as well as other law enforcement agents"

translation: "so he attacked me, my partner, then he attacked those two state troopers, and then he attacked those other officers. it was a bloodbath until. well, between the 6 of us that I mentioned were attacked by this guy with a knife. We finally realized all of us were weilding guns and put an end to it. but only after he attacked all 6 of us, you see?"

Everybody was Kung Fu Fighting

He must be the most bad-assed Chechen who ever lived according to the poor agent who had to put him down.

Reminds me of the Russian in the Sopranos (NSFW)


Our government is no different than the mafia at this point. Correction: The mafia is more efficient. It's not a joke that this guy died, but the FBI's cover story makes them to be the joke. They sicken me and insult my intelligence at the same time.

from the article:

"attacked the agents as he was about to sign a written confession in the murder case"

translation: "we had em boss! he was just about to sign it, he said he was responsible for the triple-murder. he typed up a letter in microsoft word and printed it out. he even left room for his signature and the date at the bottom of the page. too bad he didn't save. well, anyway, this took longer than we hoped because his printer was out of ink, so we had to wait for fred to change out the cartridge. anyway, as i was saying. finally, when he was just about to sign the confession letter, out of nowhere he frickin jumped at me like a frickin ninja.

"Case closed! "

Somehow I'm certain that dinahtab will agree that it happened that way. ;-)

Resist the temptation to feed the trolls.


What's her story? She's one to watch. Never a dull moment.

Man, I don't know

I think she's either a troll or mentally defective. Paul S. says she must be a paid troll "because nobody could actually be that stupid."

What's your best guess?

Resist the temptation to feed the trolls.