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Ben Swann On Hannity Tonight - Video!

Hallelujah ... Ben is rock and rollin' !!


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Let me get this straight

So one of America's "leading" Fake journalists, has a segment featuring the reporter at a local affiliate ...

Who is one of the last great Real journalists, actually doing Real Investigative Journalism - you know, where they dig and ask questions and get to the bottom of things.

None of which FOX national actually DOES anymore. At all. And forget Hannity. He can't even spell it.

Swann shows him how its done. Then Hannity turns to *who*?! For the followup about the scandal and the coverup!?


I laughed so hard I almost pissed my pants.

That is some high comedy corporate media irony right there

Yes, I thought that was a

Yes, I thought that was a great segment till I saw Preibus' face. Preibus nor Hannity even come close to the integrity Swann has. Irony is right. Can we say Hannity is riding on Swann's coattails?

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I know

I was all fired up and then............Rinse Plebus....and Shammity, talk about a not so happy ending..

I wanna edit the headline where it says "Ben Swann caught with 2 prostitutes!" It'd be more honest imh0pine.

Rinse looks like a young Mr Smithers.... Vulture.

Is that Larry King?


Huh? What are you referring to about Ben Swann?

I don't want to repeat what you wrote but is that a real story?


Talking about Hannity and Priebus. :)

Ron Paul convert from the Heart of Dixie


Especially at "Swann Seen with Whores".

Yes. Yes he was.

Ben was on Greta

the other night. He's finally getting some national coverage.

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And its about time!!!

Great to see him get the coverage...because he deserves it...and more.

Norfolk, VA

Time to INVESTIGATE the investigators of 9/11. PROSECUTE the prosecutors. EXPOSE the cover-up.

This is really kind of funny.

Hannity has been covering stuff up his entire career, and only because WE* are here and watching, does Ben Swan have the credibitly he has as an expert capable of DEMANDING time from the MSM without perhaps even asking for it.

They know their credibility is crashing and NEED Ben to save their wretched network of corruption.

Folks, WE* don't have many court victories (Bad Guys control the Court), but we are winning the war.

WE* = We The People


Was unexpected, but awesome to see