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London Beheading - The Moving Tent?

Um...I saw the story about the beheading in London on Drudge but didn't go watch the video b/c I've had enough graphic stuff lately.

But a friend forwarded this article to me about the coverage from across the pond -- particularly, the moving police tent. If you can ignore the mention of fake blood (sorry ... that's not my point) you will see clearly from the photos that the police tent is in different places from where the body appeared to be, and from where it was at one point. So what gives with this? I must admit, those butchers look pretty clean and what about that woman just "chatting up" the guy who just butchered a solider and is still holding his machete. WTF?


No -- I have not vetted this source, so I am not endorsing him/her -- but the photos are what I thought were so interesting/weird.

P.S. I went back and clicked on the "graphic" video and it really wasn't graphic at all. Thankfully.

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One possibility

In the footage after the police arrived there are numerous squares of plastic wrap taped to the ground. This is probably to preserve evidence.

There are photos of men in sterile suits walking around in the area.

My thought about the tent when I first saw it was it was place over the evidence and that evidence was processed inside.

The tent would move from place to place as this processing of evidence was happening.

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This is just...

too weird!

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Need to look at different photos of scene

There are other photos of the scene that tells the tale. They hit the soldier with their car first. Then under the tree to the right front of the car, he was killed and beheaded. He pretty much bled out at that location, then they drug him into the street. You can see the what blood he had left is trailed from under the tree on the sidewalk, across the sidewalk in the front of the car, and then it stops just before the curb.
Just is how it is.

Maybe I'm...

...up too late and looking at this with tired eyes.

My question wasn't so much the blood thing.

When I look at the tent ... it really seems to be in two different places. In one photo, it appears to be in the right place, kinda next to where the car is crashed on the sidewalk where they would have dragged the guy.

Bun in another, it's on roadway that has that concrete median and it's definitely not the same spot. Why did they move the tent was my main question?

Someone help me out here.

Do You ...

...have recommended sources for those shots/fuller story? No need to provide links if you can just point direction to your source(s). Thx.