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Attn. ALL Florida & other early-primary Meetups!! Let's cooperate to give ALL our signs another week+ helping our country!!!

By Wednesday, Jan. 30th Florida's primary will be over. If Florida's meetups cooperate and work hard on that day & maybe the day after, though, we could give all our signs another week of supporting Ron Paul, and help our neighboring states! (This could also lead to a few "free" one-way rides for any rabid Ron Paul supporters wanting to get from Miami to Georgia!)
Here's my idea:

We simply ship our signs to Georgia & Alabama (or even other states!). The only problem will be herding ALL of the cats the morning of Jan. 30th. That Wednesday morning all your Ron Paul signs need to come down, ideally in as undamaged a condition as possible.

With a couple of pickup trucks (anyone in the Keys wanna do a road trip to Atlanta?) or even the small kind of U-Hauls, a couple of Miami supporters could set out northward on both I95 and I75 with all the signs from Miami. Ideally this would begin ASAP on Wednesday. They'd both already be in contact (I hope...) with the meetups on their sides of the state, and somehow mid-state places like Orlando which aren't all that near to either road would relay their RP signs to the trucks & headed-North to Georgia!

In the meantime (remember, this is my fantasy, but occasionally they *DO* come-true...) *ANOTHER* Ron Paul supporter in the Jacksonville area snags all the signs he/she can over there and heads West on I10, doing the same thing with other meetups' signs all the way over to Alabama!! This person would also take the initiative to be in touch with all meetups along the way on I10.

Needless to say, for this to be effective we'd need GA & AL meetups to be ready to receive and *immediately* distribute the FL signs effectively, but this is an opportunity for a LOT of RP signs which might otherwise go to waste. It's time-sensitive material, and doing this right could save the Paul campaign some money and give GA/AL a bigger impact in the important last-week before Super-duper Tuesday! Besides, "my" spinning "Media Bias Makes Me Do This" sign is included in the bargain!! ;) Another side-effect of this will be to impress Florida's election officials & sign bureaucrats with our stuff all suddenly-vanishing the morning after the primary.

Please forward this URL far & wide in all three states (but especially FL & *especially* Miami/Jacksonville) as we still need to find the 2 Miami-area volunteers & the Jacksonville volunteer who can do this, but if we start now it's possible IMO. If someone could also please post this URL to an appropriate area of the Ron Paul Forums site that would be much appreciated. Thanks.

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FL ever get shipped North?

Did it ever work out? Did heroes step forth to haul FL signs to AL and GA--and folks there accept and use them? Just wondering. Great idea--wondering if the performance matched.


Clean up after yourselves - free/cheapcycle

Get out early enough to beat the city crews to the signs. Figure out the rest of the details later.

You can usually arrange to leave a Uhaul in whatever city you end up in and come back in a rental that guzzles less gas or Greyhound.

Palleting companies should also be helpful if you call one in a destination city or your own city.

Someone bump this in a couple of hours.

Defend Liberty!

BUMP--head North folks (with your signs)

Wish I didn't live 1500 miles away--I'd bring my big farm truck and haul a load, but no can do. Go AL! Go GA! Go anybody else who can reuse signs from a state that has already held its primary/caucus! Go TO FL if you have to, and fetch your signs. We're reusing IA's signs here in MO--a BIG help! Great post, Sarcasmo.



Go President Paul!

’In accordance with the principles of double-think it does not matter if the war is not real. For when it is, victory is not possible. The war is not meant to be won, but it is meant to be continuous.’ (George Orwell, 1984)

ill take as many yard signs as possible!!!!

please send them asap. im in long beach ny. i can pay for shipping but other then that im broke.....i can put as many around town as you can send.

Ok, Miami/Ft. Lauderdale, are you listening?

I had not even considered states beyond GA, but you're right, with the truckers and a big-ass pallet-O-signs we can ship just about anywhere. Brevard's are already on a pickup and headed for GA soon, but other counties will hopefully notice you and contact you directly.

I have a feeling this thing is getting far beyond my capabilities. Someone smarter than me needs to design something better than this thread for this idea, which is obviously way-bigger than I'd imagined. If we do things right, we can REALLY blanket late states like Texas with signs. Cats, herd thyselves!! ;)

Spoke with GA.

I spoke with Georgia, the problem I am having here in FL JMR, is that GA does not want the signs. they do not even want to pass them along. They have more material than they can handle, according to who I talked too.

ANYONE IN GA WHO DISAGREES, reply back ASAP. Give me a contact there who can use this truck full of stuff. Anyone in southern AL I spoke with Mark in Birmingham, and will speak with your state coordinater soon. Any info you have about where these can be used in AL will be helpful. Thank you.

right coast (one word no space) at gmaildawtcom

Well, our primary was early

And I'm sure SOMEONE will want free signs. At least, that's my hope!

Try a palleting company

Search in yp.yahoo.com for "pallets" and the city and state where you want to send them. Call that company and they'll help you figure out if there's a way to get a pallet of signs to them on the cheap.

Defend Liberty!

That's a good idea, but it needs doing SOON.

I hope south Florida is not too down on the results to do something like this. I have not heard much from them, but their signs are farthest away so they'll be the most work, but I'm sure there are a LOT of 'em.

And someone from Georgia needs to help me with this, and contact Dan, and keep this thread prominent for a while despite the fluff, for this to work. We can't just dump the signs, they have to get distributed right away. Thanks to all who have helped.

Attn. southern Georgia. Free Ron Paul signs!!!

Brevard's hero has stepped forward, and his truck is already full (including the spinning sign, and my special RP Christmas-lights sign!). Someone in south Georgia needs to contact Dan O'Brien ASAP, and Georgia now needs to start helping me with these "plans" and I use the term loosely!! It's a herd of cats, as predicted...Anyway, help's still needed, so Georgia please respond directly to Dan!!

South Georgia sign distributor needed!!

Dan O'Brien is your man to contact, email him ASAP. Good luck and thanks.

Hope this helps: Give Your

Hope this helps: Give Your Ron Paul Signs a Second Life

Visit The Paulunteer
Ron Paul Republican Grassroots Newsletter
Brian Bailey, Editor

Visit The Paulunteer
Ron Paul Republican Grassroots Newsletter
Brian Bailey, Editor
Ron Paul 2008
Southwestern Illinois County Coordinator

I'm so glad this came up!

I'm so glad this came up!

I have about 100 signs. If someone's going by Jacksonville, I

can meet for the exchange.

Go President Paul!

’In accordance with the principles of double-think it does not matter if the war is not real. For when it is, victory is not possible. The war is not meant to be won, but it is meant to be continuous.’ (George Orwell, 1984)

I'm west of you on I-10

If you can get the signs from Jax to Madison or Lake City even, I'll take them the rest of the way to Alabama if someone is willing to recieve them. I've offered to help but can't seem to connect w/the right people. My Ga group says they do not need the signs. I can't even get anyone to return my calls or email at this point.

Seems many did not actually read RP's message & are just plain discouraged. I say we are fighting for somethng bigger than any man, we are fighting for freedom and it's too late to put out that fire now.
Applause to all who are in the trenches, keep on fighting, we're winning, don't let the enemy lie to you, thats the only weapon they have.


Do you know of anyone in Jacksonville who wants to do the one-way to Alabama run, by any chance?? :)

I need someone in Dade County or the Keys

To help us with this project. All FL meetups, even if you're like most of us and don't know how they will get north yet, PLEASE, gather ALL RP signs today and consolidate them so they're ready to go. If you're not in Florida, please contact all your Florida friends, and someone please try to make the RonPaulForums notice this, too. Today's the day we can make a difference if we cooperate well!!


Go President Paul!

’In accordance with the principles of double-think it does not matter if the war is not real. For when it is, victory is not possible. The war is not meant to be won, but it is meant to be continuous.’ (George Orwell, 1984)

Signs from Orlando to Valdosta

Hey, Thanks for the great idea. We gathered signs last night and have a van full of them heading to the coordinator of Valdosta today. Go Georgia...keep those poll numbers rising.

Ok, and if you can fit any more...

Please contact any meetups to the north of you and arrange to get their signs, too. We can REALLY help in Georgia this way, so THANKS!!!

I still need a miracle (actually, 3!)

Miracle 1. Someone who needs a ride from Key West/Miami to Georgia, one way, who will rent a UHaul and stop at every meetup on I95 getting RP signs/stuff from each. (This person gets a tank of gas from me in Melbourne.)

Miracle 2. Someone who needs a ride from the Naples area to Georgia, one way, who will rent a UHaul and stop at every meetup on I75 getting RP signs/stuff from each.

Miracle 3. Someone who will do this across the state (perhaps the nice person who replied below can also help?) from Jacksonville all the way to Alabama, doing the same on I10 westward, getting ALL signs. This can cheaply flood 2 states with additional signs, so it's vitally important IMO.

I need all the meetups in Florida to know about this (so please again tell Ron Paul Forums) and we all need to cooperate. At the same time, I feel wary, as this would be an opportunity for an evil person to steal a BUNCH of our signs. So expect to identify yourself in some way as a RP supporter if you're heroic enough to volunteer, because that's life's ugly reality these days.

And if I can request it, please keep this thread "bumped" but with cogent and interesting replies. Back out to see if I can get one more vote for the man... jray at martincam.com gets me Thanks to everyone for the help, let's make this look like we've planned it for a week! :)

I can do I-10

I'm in N Fla & hooked up w/a meet up in Valdosta Ga. We can really use signs there too.
If anyone has signs & wants to meet me on the I-10 interstate off ramps please respond to this and we will get it together. I have a truck & a trailer. Contact me tru email we'll exchange numbers & get it together.

Ok, thanks.

I'm in Melbourne, still hoping for a south FL person who can relay our signs (including the infamous spinning "Media Bias" sign for sign waves!!) to you. Since you're on I10, how possible is it to rally panhandle meetups to get their signs to Alabama? I love GA, but I love AL too and I want FL's signs to help both. Early returns don't look good here...

I'll see what I can do from my end.

I'm brand new to this N Fla area. Just moved here from Naples, still commuting back & forth on business every other week. Definately signs to both Ga & Al... we need all we can get. I managed to get 3 people to vote today, it was like pulling teeth! Shesh, you'd think people would want to be free.

Wait a sec, that's GREAT news!!

Can you try to be in-Naples ASAP, and then commute back via 75 trying to get signs from each meetup along the way? That, along with the help you've offered up north, would be ideal. And I'm equally disappointed with Florida citizens. I just spoke with a Romney voter coworker who basically had all-RP positions. Sigh. The media have totally sold the "can't win" story via just repeating it incessantly.

Here in Brevard, we have a great volunteer with a small pickup, but ideally I want signs to come from the south to him/us so we can get them to Georgia. Please, folks, this thread is important today and tomorrow if we want Florida's signs to help other states. We can't afford to lose this idea in the fluff. Thanks.

Wish I could

That wont work for me. I wont be able to get back to Naples till Monday.

My meetup group is already getting signs from Orlando.

I'm not having much response for sign pickups in this area.

Still waiting on return calls and emails.

Ok, hopefully someone else in SW FL

Can step up to the plate. I still need a Naples miracle, folks!! And Miami!!

Linda Cross's picture

3 days OMG!!!

I just revisited this site and was amazed at all the comments. We are in overdrive here in Florida-- sign bombing, distributing slim jims, phone calling, door knocking, "call in sick day for Paul" in the papers, on the radios...you guys better get off the web and get to work, it will be 3 days till your primary before you know it! I sent an e mail to the Florida meet up organizers about "left over campaign supplies" and got properly rebuked "if we have any left over supplies then you haven't done your job!" now I have to sign bomb 15 precincts all by myself and I'm over 50 and outta shape...I am America and so can U. Actually, we won't be finished with our signs till November, I heard a call for more money...only one thing that can mean, we are going beyond super Tuesday!!!

If you see something, say something, the government is listening.
Silence isn't golden, it's yellow.

Tell your rebukers...

That unless 100% of your signs vanish due to theft you WILL have left-over signs on Wednesday. Wednesday morning is NOT the time to think about what to do with 'em, hence this thread. If we truly wish to help Ron Paul win, our job does NOT end Tuesday night.