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Ron Paul's lawyers need to file motions, and fast

I'm wondering how deep the rabbit hole goes.

What if Ron Paul didn't have access to all the donations he could've had?

What if that was the "PR nightmare" that Rmoney's campaign was talking about? Bringing up "fringe" groups that were trying to donate but couldn't because they were determined to be too "extreme".


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In a dream world.....what

In a dream world.....what would it take for some kind of "re-do" of the primaries and election?


1 part Revolution
1 part Free Press

Heat until inauguration of Dr. Paul concludes.

I agree

All I see now is what if scenario's, and they all have to do with Romney. I saw was Ron Paul was right about the IRS, and people backing him scenario's. Maybe this goes a bit further and was to suppress RP, with the blessings of both camp's. Since the Tea Party originated with 2007's popularity of RP.

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Liberty was screwed...

Liberty was screwed in 2008 and 2012 when the violence of the "government" and the media were directed against Dr. Paul. It was a concerted effort and therefore it by definition was a "conspiracy". It's about time that the term "conspiracy theorist" starts getting the respect it deserves. Most of the major crimes are, in fact, conspiracies of some sort. It only takes two people getting together to commit some violence or plunder to make a "conspiracy". The people in the IRS, DOJ, FBI, and alphabet soup agencies ad naseum are all guilty of CONSPIRACY against LIBERTY...

Beware the cult of "government"...