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Time is now for libertarians and conservatives to get together

The Ben Swann/Sean Hannity interview is emblematic of what is happening and needs to happen to battle the tyranny that is before us. The Obama Progressives, government unions, and entrenched bureaucracy, together with the Washington ruling class, has targeted us in the limited government movement. We are their enemy number one because we stand in the way of the implementation of Obamacare and the continued expansion of the state. They see all of us, libertarians and conservatives alike, as domestic terrorists because we will not go along.

The Tea Party needs the youthful energy and revolutionary spirit of the Adam Kokesh types to create a high energy opposition movement. We need a national unity front to battle Obama and his unions.

These tyrants have infiltrated liberty enclaves to create a wedge between libertarians and conservatives, which is a natural friendship. We cannot let the propagandists win this battle. Libertarians and conservatives need to band together to stop them.

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I think I could deal with

the economic retards (far left) that at least don't advocate the murdering of brown people far easier than I can wrap my head around those so-called conservatives that love killing brown people but are not so much okay with too much theft (taxes). They think theft by government is okay, just not too much of it. Those 'Tea Party' types also think they should be able to define marriage (partnerships) for everybody, restrict people choice of what they want to ingest, prohibit certain types of human affection, force their interpretation of their religious book's definition of when life begins on everybody (convicting and condemning only one of the two 'guilty' parties involved in the so-called murder), and so forth.

But I am really trying to be more tolerant of all of them and be an honest, open-minded, and principled person so that they will listen to my ideas.

Today's Libertarians are yesterdays conservatives...

The likes of Hannity and what he supports is Neo conservatism, or fascism. It is true Obama is a socialist progressive, but the neo conservatives are no better, and in many ways worse. True conservatives were tricked by the Bush administration as he professed to be a conservative, but looking at his 8 years he was anything but. The only reason he held a second term is because of 9/11, and the many falsehoods he presented, and using the media to sell a war on terror as if it were a new war, but terrorism is as old as the hills, it is a tactic, and will continue to be used by those with nothing left to lose.

True conservatives see the writing on the wall and they are slowly but surely joining the Liberty movement, while the power and numbers of the neo conservatives dwindle. Obama see's this and is now calling for an end to the war on terror to people like John McCain and Lindsey Graham's demise. It is a smart step to bring the "on the fence" leftists that were anti war to rally behind him, while the right wing extremists that Graham and his ilk support are crying foul.

If all true physical conservatives would ban with the Libertarians then we may be able to force change, and it is the only way the right can regain power in the U.S. as the neo cons have failed in every manner, and many see the propaganda writing on the wall. People are worried about the GOP created DHS acquiring bullets, they are wondering how we spend 46 billion a year, yet two teens that were known terrorists could have planted bombs at the Boston marathon, the trust in government is at an all time low, and it isn't because of Obama only, it is because people are now recognizing that Bush left Obama the keys to tyranny via legislation written by the military industrial complex to ensure profit from the deaths of our soldiers, a means to destroy our constitution, and they aren't buying it any more. When shifts like this happen it is an indicator of an awakening, and although for many it is not happening fast enough the reality is the powers that be are soon to be the powers that were.

Will I side with Conservatives? Absolutely, as I never stopped being a conservative Republican (not libertarian), the party simply went astray based on lies that are becoming more and more apparent. This is what the legislation hidden in the immigration bill is about, power and nothing more. They want the military industrial complex leaders running the nation to further enslave the people and quiet dissent, and they are working hard to push this through because they know after two elections lost that the people are tired of the lies, the death, and the monies spent supporting the fake wars of aggression. While the question was will we join the conservatives the answer is two fold, as we are primarily conservatives here, and are just waiting for other true conservatives to come back to their roots.

Always remember:
"It does not require a majority to prevail, but rather an irate, tireless minority keen to set brush fires in people's minds." ~ Samuel Adams
If they hate us for our freedom, they must LOVE us now....

Stay IRATE, remain TIRELESS, an

You are Right Depending on What You Mean by

"Conservative" and "Libertarian".

Limited-Government Conservatives are indeed a spectrum that can be blended rather smoothly with Minarchist Libertarians under the right framework.

Big government conservatives are more succinctly described as "fascists." There can be no holding hands with them, they must be either gently converted or forcefully opposed.

Anarchist libertarians are basically not compatible with any other political philosophy, including minarchist libertarians. I think that is where a lot of the negative energy toward your premise is coming from. They are right within their framework, but is their framework right?

If you think about what a limited-government conservative is, basically a constitutionalist, they want certain recognized rights to be listed and honored as areas of life that are outside the purview of government. They say "here is a Bill of Rights, these things are not subject to majority vote." And the more things you put on that list, the closer your government looks to a minarchist libertarian one. At some point you just say, "Instead of listing all the things the government can't do, here is what they can do and nothing else.....then you give the NAP or something similar. It IS a spectrum and therefore limited government conservatives are indeed natural allies in the right framework.

The right framework is Localism, where political and governmental power are decentralized. The federal government does not even have all the tools it needs to enforce the NAP without assistance from the states, who may rely on help from their counties. And maybe 20 states go "full libertarian" and 20 more are various stages of limited government conservative. The rest still try to flail away at some sort of socialism, but without OPM it does not last long and reality forces them to become one of the other two.

Localism, A Philosophy of Government



Localism is for people who can still sleep at night even though somebody they don't know in a city they have never been is doing things differently. ("Localism, A Philosophy of Government" on Amazon for Kindle or Barnes and Noble ebook websites)

I'm as willing to Unite as I was back in 2012

IF they had united behind Ron Paul, I'd have happily voted with the conservatives in the General election.

Same stuff here.

I'd unite with Hanity, when he decides he cares about liberty. Until then, he's welcome to vote with me, but I'm not building my strategy around what Hanity says.

True conservatives, who get it, are discovering they are libertarians. Whereas, libertarians who get it aren't waking up and discovering that thy are conservatives.

We don't need to unite, we need to accept, and discuss, until we are behind the same banner. BUT, much like this last election ... we aren't uniting behind the main stream guy, if they want to unite behind our guy, that's fine, and we'd love to have them.

not true

Many libertarians do become conservatives as they raise families and realize the importance of tradition and order.

Libertarians who become

Libertarians who become conservative we're never libertarian in the first place. Libertarianism isn't something you grow up from. It's something you accept as logical.

I must be willing to give up what I am in order to become what I will be. Albert Einstein


It is a developmental step for many.

lol, sure. Lots of

lol, sure. Lots of libertarians wake up one day and say, "Wait a sec, that whole individual liberty, non-aggression, and personal responsibility thing? Not for me."

Going from libertarianism to conservatism is as much a "developmental step" as the transition from being rational and healthy to senility.

Simple Facts and Plain Arguments
A common sense take on politics and current events.


Don't forget about embittered

Don't forget about embittered and disenfranchised Democrats!

Ride one wing of the sewer bird?

The Obama Progressives, government unions, and entrenched bureaucracy, together with the Washington ruling class will ALL BE JUST FINE WITH A CONSERVATIVE IN OFFICE, they always have been.

That is why both parties have permanent seats in congress. Like actual seats. Chairs made out of wood. No other parties get them and they are there to make sure.

Jumping in with conservatives means Stand With Rand, he's your best shot. And be my guest. I might chip in for gas but I won't be on the bus this time.

Be brave, be brave, the Myan pilot needs no aeroplane.

talking about culture change

Not politics. Work together with friends to stand up to Progressives.

work with the warmonger party and call them friends

to fight the new light bulb and low flow flush toilet people...

if it means signing on to fight Iran (which it seems to for the ENTIRE SENATE) then what's the point? It's like Starbucks: a thousand different choices of the same crap.

Be brave, be brave, the Myan pilot needs no aeroplane.

maybe it's even a better time for a ....

Muslim Tea Party?

Maybe Christians and Muslims ought to get together against ZIONISM???
Before the next war starts!!!

(wait until you see my next video....producing now...you wanna see how deception makes war?)

there is a time and a place for everything

today the Obama progressives, unions and the ruling class are the enemy that need to be fought.

it might be too late for America...

Have the communists taken over/infiltrated without firing a shot?


Isn't Kokesh the perfect "radical" to discredit everything anti-Obama progressives, anti-unions and anti-ruling class that is being debated EVERYWHERE in America?

Can't you hear Sean Hannity now, "thanks to you Ron Paul/Adam Kokesh losers....No dissent is allowed on the airwaves anymore"....

Seriously...we need to wake up to the spiritual battle!

Sorry but

warwhore neocon conservatives, such as Hannity, are folks I will never join sides with. I may use them to defeat my enemy, for temporarily with grand limitation I will use them as the enemy of my enemy. However, in no way does that make him my friend...

A true conservative IS a Libertarian, a minarchist, or a Constitutionalist. So truly, the neocons needs to follow the lead of Rand Paul, Justin Amash and Ted Cruz if they want to participate. Afterwards, the neocons will be next in line for a dissipation.

"Come to the dark side, I am your father..."

No. You come to the light side. We have cookies.

There will be no coalition until conservatives admit that they're as much to blame as the progressives are. Your shit stinks, too.

Furthermore, there will be no coalition until conservatives support and defend every amendment with as much zeal as they do the 2nd.

Libertarians and

Libertarians and conservatives are not natural friends. Libertarians accept NAP whereas conservatives want to put people in cages for doing drugs, or stop gays from getting married, or pound brown people in the Middle East into submission for their oil.

Joining forces with them on issues we argree on - like 2nd amendment rights - makes sense, but a broad coalition is at best a mixed bag. Because they're troglodytes on civil liberties and usually warmongers as well they turn off way too many folks who would otherwise consider voting with us for smaller, less authoritarian govt..

I must be willing to give up what I am in order to become what I will be. Albert Einstein

bigmikedude's picture


But it's our way or the highway.

I think we made that fairly clear to the GOP in the 2012 elections.

I believe we should remain separate from them at all costs actually. Combining with them gives them the upper hand and puts them back on track to continue to run the same corrupt show.

Holding out weakens them and they will become obsolete when they fail to accomplish anything without us, while their disgruntled base heads for the party door and peeks into our door. Then we will grow even larger, but we will already be set up to run the table.

Unite, yes. But on our terms, not theirs.

Remember - We're stubborn with a new message that's growing as public irritation increases. They're desperate with an old, tiring, stale, lying, and failing message with corruption leaking from every seam.

not sure I see it that way

libertarians and conservatives each have something of value (and conservatives are a far larger group). I think the conservative message of limited government, personal responsibility, and the need for order and community is anything but tired. The people promoting it are old and white, yes but that is beginning to change as people get wind of the tyranny of the progressives.

Haven't you heard? The new

Haven't you heard? The new salvation of the Republican Party lies in some hidden mass of Hispanic voters who have never really taken to a Republican message, but now must be clamoring for "change". The GOPs is clueless and grasping at straws.

Never Comprimise on Principle

There is plenty that I agree with conservatives about. There are many things I agree with liberals about. Remember these aren't philosophies with any real consistency, they are political platforms designed to be inconsistent to systematically fool the American people into allowing to gradual stripping of our personal liberties. I will work with conservatives to preserve my economic freedom the same way I will work with liberals to preserve my personal freedom.

And slowly, day by day I will work with my compatriots to wake up the nation to the real philosophically consistent ideology that is Liberty.


what important issues do agree with liberals about?

Pot? Porn?

Privacy mostly.

But yes the war on drugs is huge as it is the biggest tool for the state to search your person and or home without warrant, and hinder your ability to travel unmolested. It allows for massive regulation and surveillance of finance because of the supposed money laundering involved.

Not to mention the money it costs.