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City Changes Parking Signs Then Issues Tickets To Cars That Had Been Parked Legally

Finding a parking spot in many major cities can be a pain in the butt, as you not only navigate the streets but have to be mindful of “No Parking,” “No Standing,” and any other number of signs that regulate where, and for how long, you can deposit your car. So once you find a spot and check all the signs, you should be good, right? Not if the city comes by and changes the signs on you.

Local News video clip here:

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Kudos to the guy

who said he's fighting it! That's what I'd do, too! I hope he wins.

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I witnessed this in Walnut Creek California also

They were having a parade soon, so they put up signs that said "No Parking on 'This Date' from 10am - 8pm." they put the signs up around 3pm in the afternoon and started ticketing cars already parked there.