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Senate (Including Rand Paul) Votes Unanimously Towards War With Iran

Today the US Senate voted unanimously in favor of a Lindsey Graham resolution, S.Res.65, which "[s]trongly support(s) the full implementation of United States and international sanctions on Iran and urg[es] the President to continue to strengthen enforcement of sanctions legislation."

The legislation, as expected from a Lindsey Graham product, is full of misstatements, historical revisionism, and war-drum-beating hyperbole. Particularly revolting is the distortion and lies about Iran's not being in compliance with IAEA nuclear safeguards requirements and the irony of Graham's using Iran's refusal to implement UN resolutions as evidence of its rogue status. Also deceptive is the sleight of hand claiming that Iran pursuing a "nuclear weapons capability" is the real violation, rather than an Iranian failure to uphold its agreed upon obligation to not actually divert fissile material to build a nuclear weapon. It is a unilateral lowering of the bar, which is in fact itself a US violation of the Non-Proliferation Treaty.

Most alarming, however, is that this resolution contains among the clearest legislative language to date promising that should Israel decide to attack Iran, the US would back Israel militarily. It is breathtakingly foolhardy for the US Senate to give such carte blanche permission to any foreign country to attack another nation as it sees fit with the promise of the backing of the United States military. The move will likely embolden Israel to continue recent escalation of military action in the region and will likely propel Israel closer to an attack on Iran. In economic theory this is known as "moral hazard."

The resolved clauses of the resolution must be seen to be believed, so I reproduce them here (see especially the original point (8), which was apparently even too over-the-top for the Senators -- the substitute language is just as bad but it adds a layer of vagueness as a fig leaf):

Full breakdown from Daniel McAdams of Ron Paul Institute here.

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Your government just surrendered

to Israel the power to declare war, an authority that should rest on the American Congress. So get ready to send our American children to die for Israel. Bottom line, the Israeli government sees American children as dumb, dispensable masses to be sacrificed on their behalf because Israeli children are too precious.

"To learn who rules over you, simply find out who you are not allowed to criticize." Voltaire

The Jury Is Out...

...for me on Rand. I didn't even know he existed a couple years ago -- since I was relatively late tuning in to Ron Paul (but did it in time to be a delegate for him).

It was a jangling disappointment when he endorsed Mitt Romney and of course, I have seen him appear to go contrary on a couple of the issues to which our purist libertarian sensibilities are opposed.

Something intuitive tells me he may have spent a long time (a lifetime w/his Dad?) seeing what works and what doesn't work; crafting a method that is bold but also clever. He may have decided to be a pragmatist in the true sense (not the sell out sense) by assessing what battles need fighting right now and which ones can be "skinned" another day. I'm not a martial artist, but I think I recall something in one of those disciplines that uses "moving the same direction as the offensive movement" in order to dodge it and use up the foe's energy, preparing yourself with an impactful responsive move next... Apologies to any experts in that area of expertise, it's the principle I'm trying to capture.

I don't know. But I'd like to give him the benefit of the doubt. His Dad appeals to the purist by never compromising, and we have all witnessed the inherent limitations of that stand in the current setting. Perhaps we can give the guy a bit more time to see if his track is actually "neo con" "neo libertarian" (you heard that here first) or something else. To use the gold analogy, Ron is pure but pure gold is softer. Can Rand still be gold with a little alloy metal in there to make him stronger and more effective? Can we tolerate that alloy thing? The analogy probably breaks down somewhere or may be used for negative -- but it's just to get us all thinking together.

I sure hope he turns out to be a brilliant defender of liberty who ultimately wins on ALL of our issues and values. But this is an imperfect world filled with imperfect souls and will ever be so, I'm afraid. Meanwhile we do our best and keep vigilant.

I agree. I'd bet in Rand's

I agree. I'd bet in Rand's heart, he's in total agreement with his dad but he also hears firsthand what his dad really thinks about what is coming. Ron caught our attention because of his integrity; he walked the walk. His son has been taught that as well. But when you know this country has only so much time to survive, if you know that being a purist is only going to result in complete failure because you didn't get enough people on board, it's better to compromise and hope that those who opposed you will see the light of day eventually. Ron said you can't beat others on the head to see the truth. It takes something personal sometimes for them to understand. The Associated Press is a good example. Look at all the deception they engaged in with Ron Paul's presidential media coverage, yet the day comes when the Obama administration blanket attacks a slew of reporters (regardless of political party) by stealing phone records (both personal and from work). Those that were completely in awe of Obama suddenly got whacked in the head. Their first amendment right of freedom of the press was violated. And not only that, these people go to work everyday like the rest of us. By going after their phone records and conversations on a personal nature, that absolutely crossed the line for them. They have families and knowing how intimidating this administration is, that puts their children, parents, and potential news sources at risk. So now we have a vital group of people starting to understand what we stand for because it now has personally affected them. We didn't have to bonk them on the head with it; they learned on their own. The AP is a great ally to have. Forgive past behavior because they didn't see it and welcome them to the fold. It's these types of things that will save this country. So I'm going to say Rand knows what he's doing. That's why the "Gang of Eight" is working so hard in concert with the Obama administration. They have obviously proven they are not with the American people. And anyone who goes along with their agenda is not working in our best interest. They know that Ron Paul and Rand aren't completely against finding a path to citizenship for illegal aliens. They just aren't for subsidizing them, putting them at the front of the line, nor giving them the right to vote. They know immigration changes will come about under Rand and they are jumping like mad to get their agenda done before Rand possibly takes the helm. They were the ones who were against Rand's filibuster on drones. They know what he stands for and if you listened to the 13-hour filibuster (I did), you'd know his dad has taught him well. I believe the people will win in the end. It's like all the scandals that are being investigated recently. You can't hide the truth from over 300,000,000 Americans. Those behind all this really think they can but when the people are on to them, the truth will come out. And with all these stories coming out recently, we should all feel encouraged.

I really think you guys

I really think you guys should read the language in the resolution.

(8) urges that, if the Government of Israel is compelled to take military action in legitimate self-defense against Iran's nuclear weapons program, the United States Government should stand with Israel and provide, in accordance with United States law and the constitutional responsibility of Congress to authorize the use of military force, diplomatic, military, and economic support to the Government of Israel in its defense of its territory, people, and existence.

The key word I'm looking at is "legitimate self-defense". This would mean that Rand would have to believe Israel is legitimately defending herself to vote for military action. Interesting.

Rand is no idiot. What would a lone no vote have given him here? Remember...at this point in time, Israel is still considered an ally. The people are not ready at this time to accept that we "turn our backs" on our only ally in the region of "terrorists".

What would a lone no vote have given him here?

It would give people like me some reason to beleive in him.....

The problem is...we are such

You mean people like Ron Paul and his "kooky tinfoil hat wearing" followers, The problem is...we are such a small percent of the populous. We alone will not win elections. A lone vote here would have labeled him like his father.

The Senate licking the zionist Rothschild

IzUnReal boot. A bunch of sold out puppet shills who lick the zionist boot for bonuses of debt. Debt slaves who love their masters.


by "our" you mean . . .

Rand, Graham, McCain, every other treasonous senator, and you ?

sorry - this was intended as a response to "dducks" below.


crafted the purple text to explicitly contend with Poe's Laws.

It seems to be working out splendidly.

Stand with Rand!

Remember as you give him support and money how he is so eager to sacrifice our military men and women's lives for Israel.

There is absolutely NO excuse for this!!!

But he has the establishment fooled right? Give me a break.....

I think I've seen this movie before...

why even bother with the theatrics?

The law cannot make a wicked person virtuous…God’s grace alone can accomplish such a thing.
Ron Paul - The Revolution

Setting a good example is a far better way to spread ideals than through force of arms. Ron Paul

Here's How the Chess Game is Played

Here's how the chess game is played when it comes to anything concerning Israel. Everybody should snicker after votes like this.

Lindsy Graham is a psycho war

Lindsy Graham is a psycho war monger. Resolutions are meaningless.

Israel has 300+ Nukes! Make everybody and their grandmother aware of this and we'll stop this nonsense.


Don't forget Israel has never

Don't forget Israel has never signed the non-proliferation of nuclear weapons act. Only 4 other countries haven't signed it.

How dare you , sir, slander a fine upstanding Rothschild entity.

.. I am fairly certain the treaty you are referring to was embedded in the document Neting-Ya-hoo presented with the round bomb with fuse ala Rocky and Bullwinkle graphics. How dare you! ;)

Aaron Russo, Nikola Tesla, Ron Paul, I'm jus' sayin'

Natasha Putin has put the ol

Kosher Kebosh on the Rothschild zionist ambitions. Wait no that was Boris, Natasha is more like Hillary Cliinton.

The world really neads Rocky the flying squirl about now, the train is comming and Nit Wit Yaho has the beautiful USA girl tied to the tracks.

Stay tuned for the next epesode where we will see the Evil Rothscild false debt counterfit corporation infest the world with false counterfit debt and enslave humanity as false debt slaves. Will our heroes save the day?


Cyril's picture

Lol :) "How dare you"

Lol :)

"How dare you"

'Must be a domestic terrorist, that's how.

No touch Israhell... Tsk tsk tsk. Taboooo! Oops. Typo. I meant... Israel.

Taboo... Per she-Graham's criteria, anyway, of course.

Lindsweetie Graham... A "US citizen" and people's "representative".

Yeah, I know! No kidding. Sadly.

"Cyril" pronounced "see real". I code stuff.


"To study and not think is a waste. To think and not study is dangerous." -- Confucius

deal was done

Rand will stay off foreign policy in the big calls.

There's no antiwar voice left.

Most of those who think so actually don't and most of those who think sew actually rip.

It is a

genius chess move by our man.


"Our man"?? Then you must be a Neocon, too.


crafted the purple text to explicitly contend with Poe's Laws.

It seems to be working out splendidly.

oh, no

not this again

"It may be a hundred years before a computer beats humans at Go - maybe even longer. If a reasonably intelligent person learned to play Go, in a few months he could beat all existing computer programs." - Piet Hut


♖♘♗ ♕ ♔ ♗ ♘♖

♜♞♝ ♚ ♛ ♝ ♞♜


I would love to live in a world where one could do the principled thing every time and be rewarded for it. It should go without saying that the world we live in is the exact opposite. ONe must play the game. I don't understand why there are those who don't get that. We are dealing with truelu awful people and Rand is going to have to get down in the muck with them and get a little dirty if we are to get this job done.

Answer me this one question: Is there any other person who is positioned to do any good in politics more that Rand? And don't say Tom Woods or Judge Nap, etc. They have no chance of becoming president. Rand does, no matter how small of a chance it may be. And mind you, Rand already has more of a chance than Ron ever did.

I have seen the light!

To hell with Ron Paul and his principles! We don't need no steenkeeng principles! We need to WIN! How will we live unless we get to vote for a WINNING puppet of the elites! Time to be PRACTICAL and realize that we won't WIN if WE keep demanding stoopid stuff like honesty, integrity, peace, sound money and noninterventionism. So, to heck with all that stuff, I want to get on the band wagon of WINNERS! KILL them MOOZEES! MORE drones watching us! Kill us when we get outta line! Let's WIN!!

We shall end up with Hitlary

We shall end up with Hitlary in 2016! Yay. Be ready.

I'm not a

I'm not a Rand Paul supporter after his endorsement of Mitt the piece of $hit. As of now I would vote for Rand and hope the old man Ron can make him see the light. War all wars must be stopped NOW! It is not to late to restore the CONSTITUTION for AMERICA and Rand could do it. BLDG. #7 INVESTIGATE now

So... You're implying that voting matters?

That is RICH

Aaron Russo, Nikola Tesla, Ron Paul, I'm jus' sayin'

I'm so glad liberty movement

I'm so glad liberty movement people are starting to learn how the game is played.