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Mother has son arrested for stealing her Pop-Tarts

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Just imagine if they had been

Just imagine if they had been Eggo waffles...

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statist are funny creatures

anyone want to bet she "bought" those poptarts with stolen (tax) money?


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Remember the Twinkie Defense?

Some enterprising lawyer should file a Pop Tart GMO lawsuit to explain mom's behavior...

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What a mother...

What a mother...

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I can see how it technically is stealing, but

things do get to this point in dysfunctional families, where eating is called "stealing", then in the mentality that control must be absolute, once it's called "stealing", I can see the authority figure "having to" back up those words in this way. Attempts to control little things absolutely escalate in this way.

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Well, I can't

and I'm an attorney.

If I were a police officer, and if I knew what I know (okay, that's a stretch but bear with me) I would probably seek to have child protective services do an evaluation as to whether there was child abuse and I would perhaps have the mother detained just to see how nuts she really is. If the kid is a juvenile and a member of the family I fail to see how it is theft. Absurd.

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Rothbard would be OK with this

Not that I would.


Just sayin...


Maybe in a "don't let government interfere"

sort of way, but I ain't inviting her to my barbeque.

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