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Ron Paul Supporters File Criminal Charges Against Networks?

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Ron Paul 2008: RICO suit filed against ABC, MSNBC, FOX, CNN, CBS, The Los Angeles Times, The New York Times, Wall Street Journal, Time Magazine, The Chicago Tribune, The Miami Herald and The San Diego Herald-Tribune

Clarence Malcolm -

What the public needs to understand is that FOX, ABC, CBS, CNN, MSNBC and the other established *mainstream " mass media"/news sources [*see definition @ Wikipedia.org] are perpetrating criminal fraud (via omissions, distortions and outright lies) and a deliberate censorship of Dr. Ron Paul in 2008 Presidential race—with malice and aforethought and evil intent to control the 2008 presidential elections. This is an outrage and "We the People" need to organize against this dangerous plot and TAKE ACTION by filing "class action" criminal charges and civil suits against the owners and executives of these news sources. This illegal censorship is not only harming Americans because they wield the power to control the outcome of elections via the quantity and quality of the news coverage they provide the candidates; it constitutes an unAmerican and antiAmerican criminal enterprise; not to fail to mention a violation of the first amendment/freedom of the press. These accused individuals—the elitist media executives—exercise monopolized and Fascist-control over media/news sources with intent to get the candidate preferred by them elected while simultaneously wrongfully hiding and/or playing down the true facts, popularity and success of the Ron Paul campaign.


Please spread this message and let's get criminal charges and a class action lawsuit executed against this dangerous organized crime syndicate identified as the present mainstream media outlets which are collaborating in a RICO [ Racketeer Influenced and Corrupt Organizations (RICO) Act, Title 18, United States Code, Sections 1961-1968; reference: www.ricoact.com] conspiracy to censor Dr. Ron Paul and control the outcome of the 2008 Presidential Election. This is definitely "RICO" if it can be shown that any of the accused media executives have donated money to any of the other presidential candidates, directly or indirectly! The accused individuals herein have wrongfully utilized their outrageous MONOPOLY over the media across America to injure Dr. Ron Paul and his millions of supporters; all Americans, in fact. These accused individuals need to go to prison upon conviction. They need to be criminally prosecuted and have their personal assets seized. They need to have their Federal FCC licenses revoked for participating in this criminal conspiracy. Help us spread this felony information far and wide. Let's get these elitist outlaws criminally prosecuted and civilly sued.



I'll get the ball rolling right now with my sworn

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Sadly if the msm wanted you to vote for

The Olsen Twins- in 6 months time they could convince 24% of Americans this would be their patriotic duty. They have the right to do what they do BECAUSE we have the right to turn it off..yes they have some laws they need follow, and lawyers to show them how to bend them- but at the end of the day we are responsible for what we "know" and beleive. All we can do is expose them on YouTube etc. Friends dont let friends watch FOX & friends.

FRCP 12(b)(6)--Failure to state a claim

I'm just a 1L, but I don't think you'll get very far in the civil litigation process. Furthermore, I fail to see any criminal conspiracy among the networks--they're private corporations. I do share your sentiments about the media--they are delibarately leaving Ron Paul out of the American dialog.

Just keep passing out flyers and talking to people. People do know that the media is full of it. Have faith in our man--he knows what he's doing.

"Free government is founded in jealousy, and not in confidence; it is jealousy and not confidence which prescribes limited constitutions." Thomas Jefferson, Kentucky Resolutions of 1798

These kind of titles suck

Your title implies that this may have already happened, but in reality it's something that you, and many, may want to happen. This is misleading to those scanning the titles for what things to read. This site is slow, so it wastes our time to go read the text behind the title. Sure wish DP'ers would NOT resort to this!

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'Cause there's a monster on the loose

Not just that...

It automatically buries posts like


which might allow us to cooperate and REALLY help Ron Paul. The guy who stretched RICO's meaning (to the point that it would arguably later apply to the Catholic Church!!) is named Rudy. Lawyers are NOT the answer. Cooperation is. But posts about lawyers tend to dominate posts about cooperation to help Ron Paul...

FOX Has Given $93,000 To Hillary

Go google "google news' then google Ron Paul. Lots going on.


If This Is Real, Then It's Long Overdue

Vote RON PAUL 2008
i.e., MSM and their censorship. Of course this is happening, I don't know about the lawsuit -- but the blatant censorship has been ongoing and is ramptant and needs Congressional evaluation. Of course we all know how that would go -- considering.

Perhaps someone out there with some actual legal background and experience might consider bringing this to the attention of this man:

Stanley Hilton

I say 'this man' because this attorney tried and yet failed (sadly so) to bring charges up against the Bush Administration for their 9/11 action(s). The judge threw out the case because as it turns out a sitting president is ABOVE the law, no matter what we are told contrary to that fact. I don't know how MSM could be viewed in the same legal-light. Just making a nudge in a general direction that may be important. Have a nice day.

Vote RON PAUL 2008

I'm behind you Cspan!

Sharp19 what the hell are you talking about get a freakin life


When freedom is at stake, silence is not golden – it is yellow- Tom Anderson writer patriot. 1910-2001

"Any people that would give up liberty for a little temporary safety deserves neither liberty nor safety." Benjamin Franklin

When freedom is at stake, silence is not golden – it is yellow- Tom Anderson writer patriot. 1910-2001

"Any people that would give up liberty for a little temporary safety deserves neither liberty nor safety." Benjamin Franklin

We can title this a Ron Paul "Rico Bomb!"...

...and get the whole Ron Paul Revolution rolling and donating money, time and energy into this. Imagine the publicity that this would generate that all of these same criminal elitest would be forced to broadcast. If not they would cut their own throats that much more and make that much more of the case for us. The political explosiveness of this would send jolts up and down the public's spines and really get people talking. Even more so everyone would be taking another 2nd closer look at the potential of Ron Paul and all that they had been being denied. This sounds GREAT! A real obligation, we MUST dedicate ourselves to this and this MUST come about.

We are new. Come and check us out! Purpose of our site is to quickly bring newbies up to speed regarding Ron Paul.

If this is real and can be done,

count me in! We need that NY attorney that wears the buckskin. Jerry something or Napolitano, although he is a Faux news shark. (No offense intended to real sharks)

Change your title.

Delete this or change your title immediately. We don't need this now.

Link needed

Lets go

OK, I'm confused. Please clarify

Has Ron Paul filed criminal charges or is it just your wishful thinking? If it is, you are being quite deceitful with your title!


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Any Lawyers in the Room?

If signatures you need, we can get them. If funding you need, well we are pretty good at that too.