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Can someone tell me about rotator cuff tear

Share your recovery with me. My doc wants me out of the sling right away one day out of surgery.

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Can't tell you about the

Can't tell you about the rotor, but I completely ripped my soleus in my leg off. 100% detached from the ankle, it's all coiled up in a ball below the knee now. I couldn't walk by any means for at least a week, then I could hobble for about 3 months, at which time I slowly started walking again. I didn't visit a doctor, had no means at the time.


whether anterior or posterior, it is important to go to an excellent sports medicine physical therapist. much attention should be spent on the opposing muscle group. in my case, for instance, i tore my anterior (front) and because of the injury much of the pain was due to me pulling my shoulder forward to protect the injury. the pain was in my connecting muscles in my back/shoulder on the backside of the injury! so, the therapist massaged (deep and painful) and then followed up with exercises for that muscle group (in my case, row type exercises). once that muscle group was loosened and strengthened, strength exercises were included for the anterior muscle group (which received light massage throughout). i avoided the knife and have a strong shoulder today. good luck!

You had surgery yesterday?

Or he's going to want you out the next day? I'm not going to lie... I've had a cervical diskectomy, 4 c-sections and several other surgerys... rotator cuff was one of my hardest recoveries.

My gut says stay in the sling a few days... even a week. They sent me home with this little cooler thing that had a tube going to something that would wrap around my shoulder to Ice it. It was wonderful! Did you get anything like that?

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How long

till the swelling went away in your hand and arm?

It's been

Close to 7 years but I don't remember swelling being a big issue. Maybe a few days??

I'd ice it as much as you can bear... 20 minutes off and 20 minutes on all day. And take ibuprofen. Do you have someone there to help you?

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I Do when she is not at work.

Mine was my left shoulder.

I'm right handed, but I also had a 16 month old at the time. I also had a ruptured disk in my neck so I can't say for sure that that didn't have something to do with my difficult recovery...

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Sorry to hear you had such a rough go.

I am there my self c4-c7 fused discectomy at L1-2 and lamanectomy at t-11-12. sorry hard to type with just my left hand.


Mine was at C5/C6 and to me that surgery was a breeze... it finally "fixed" me for real so I felt better in recovery than the day before. I was 27 at the time and they told me I'd probably have to have C4/C5 done within 10 years but I won't hesitate to schedule that one again... rotator cuff, I would.

How much mobility did you lose in your neck with 3 levels fused? Or can you tell?

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This was

2 different surgeries first i had 4-5 fused in a later accident 6-7 had to be fused so they jut fused them all as one. I lost some up an down motion not a bunch.

had it wensday

They just sent me home with an ice pack and sling

When do you start physical therapy?

I wouldn't do anything at all before then. Let them tell you how much is acceptable. It's not one size fits all like some doctors seem to think. Everybody is different.

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waiting for them to call with an appointment