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results for lousiana?

where can we view them?

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Wow, thats not good news at

Wow, thats not good news at all.

If they are legit, absentee ballots are more likely to be for RP

RP supporters are far more likely to go to the trouble of absentee voting.

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They have to check provisional ballots

Here's the latest news so far.

It sounds like there were 650 provisional ballots cast, I guess they are absentee ballot, that need to be verified as far as being registered voters.

I guess it takes a while to do the checking.


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Please keep in mind that

Please keep in mind that fixing takes time. :-)

too soon

they should be up on some gop site sometime this morning, if its an unofficial count- thats not including provisional ballots(people who the la gop didnt have on their list- hopefully mostly RP supporters) and that could sway the vote

official will mean official...

we like to take it slow down

we like to take it slow down here in cajun country