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Modern Wheat Is The ‘Perfect Chronic Poison’ Says Expert

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I believe starch is an individual thing

There's a gut bacteria that gives off a waste product when breaking down starches that, mostly through a leaky gut, can get into the blood stream. The way I've read this causes problems is that the antibodies that attack the waste product can then go on to attack connective tissue, but your immune system would have had to make the antibodies just that little bit of wrong for it to be a problem for you. Whether you're a lucky one whose immune system plays dirty tricks on you like that varies so starch may or may not be a problem for an individual.

It definitely is a problem for me. I definitely get joint pain if I eat too much starch.

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Shopping for hemp to replace wheat in your diet

For those who want to apply the diet strategy talked about on the Hemp Hearts site, but would like broader shopping options online; go to https://hempusa.org/ .

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A distinction is being missed here

The overly processed wheat is likely harmful. On the other hand whole grain preparations as parboiled red wheat berries (bulgur) are healthy.

He talked about that distinction

He talked about that distinction, and I think he equated it to smoking filtered vs. unfiltered cigarettes. He was only pointing out the dangers a a particular type of wheat used by big agriculture, and that it is unhealthy in any form, processed or not. He didn't say that all wheat was bad, just the modern concoction which is popular today.

He does say that all wheat is bad

He does say that all wheat is bad along with almost all grains in this longer interview.


Go Primal.

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yeah, he does say that in the other interview. Thanks for the link. Though I'm not convinced he's correct about that.

Sure thing

Problem is, he just can't go into very much detail on those short TV news interviews. That Red Ice interview is really good.

You might like this one too - http://www.dailypaul.com/250685/nora-gedgaudas-the-paleo-die...

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It's not being missed. All

It's not being missed. All wheat is harmful, regardless of form.

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I haven't lost weight eating

gluten-free, then paleo, but atrophied muscles have rebounded and the corresponding fat has disappeared from around my belly. I'd call that a win alone, but there have been so many other improvements like normalized blood pressure, clear thoughts, clearer skin, energy (as opposed to crushing, life-altering fatigue).

Brain fog alone is such a diminishment of how life is meant to be. Once that's set in, whether I have the energy to do something productive or just watch TV the rest of my life, those things are experienced to such a small percentage of their potential. It's like experiencing life and your own thoughts through a computer interface that only lets 5% of the experience get through.

I really do think I was in the later stages of being poisoned to death, or at least to a stage of having the quality of life squashed by fatigue and brain fog and playing heart attack roulette every day. :(

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What were you suffering from?

Wheat or something else?

Most of the symptoms went away when I went gluten-free

I think it was mostly a gluten allergy and I just spent decades with chronic inflammation with so many joints and tissues affected that the resulting chronically high cortisol was trashing my health in so many ways.

I went paleo, too, because I was still very insulin resistant and had a few other food sensitivities so that that was pretty much paleo already with all those limitations. I'm hoping the insulin resistance resolves and I can be mostly just gluten-free eventually.

I have a genetic collagen defect and some of my complaints went unheard because joint pain and fatigue are expected. That might have played into the severity of my symptoms, but the diet changes have improved those symptoms to near non-existence and I can tell the direct effect on those symptoms when my diet isn't just right. I know someone else with the same defect who has had such dramatic improvement with paleo and she's doing great now, too, but I do have to watch others with the same defect deteriorate and not know if gluten-free would help because they won't try it.

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Sounds hard

...really hard! In fact, completely cutting out wheat pretty much sounds like an additional part-time job.

Just being honest with myself...the best I can hope for is moderation of wheat, sugar, and processed food and increasing the natural stuff: fruits, veggies, meats, nuts.

Of course, I still look to exercise as my primary source of health. Just a tip I've found: exercise doesn't feel like work when you have a team and you're chasing a ball around a field or court.

Thanks for posting.

Not as hard as you'd think!

Having run the gamut of every diet plan to date, I've got to say that the act of just eliminating ONE food from my daily diet is the easiest and most productive plan I've ever experienced. It's easy because you don't feel like you are being deprived of calories or of a variety in food choice.
I gave up wheat about 9 months ago and lost 40 pounds within 3 months, with no exercise whatsoever. After the first week - 10 days, the cravings stop because you're not feeding the addiction any longer. The benefits in addition to the weight loss, include vastly improved sleep, far less brain fog, no more high blood pressure, NO MORE heartburn (!!) and freedom from counting calories, measuring portions, and following a regimen. I've commented to friends that eating a wheat-free diet is so easy that I almost feel guilty, because I'm not having to "suffer" to see good results.

Similar results have proved out with others in my family, also. My brother-in-law was curious, and impressed with my results and he & my sister both gave up wheat in January. This was a big step for him, as he is really a "sandwich" kind of guy, and has to eat out often with his job. He hasn't given up beer, but instead chooses imported European brews which don't use the GMO semi-dwarf wheat. Even with this compromise of continuing to drink beer, he has lost 22 lbs. in the past 4 months and is back to his high school weight. He mentions how much better his arthritis is now, and how that has improved his golf game. My sister has lost 18 lbs. and her constant migraines have nearly been eliminated. They both agree that this "life style change" is MUCH easier to stick with than any "diet" they've attempted in the past.

For me, it's simply not something I think about anymore. It has just become a fact of life....I don't eat wheat...and my quality of life and health has improved immensely!

It's not difficult at all.

It's not difficult at all. And you save money not buying all those grain products.

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Notice how he manages to defend "modern" GMO techniques?

Some people just can't 'cut the cord' can they?

Of course, his presumption is that old GMO techniques were bad, but we can trust the new stuff?


I'll stick to real food, thanks.

He is not defending

He is not defending GMO.


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He clearly equivocates on the subject.

By making the point to create a disctinction the clear implication is that there is in fact a difference and the "modern" version is just a.o.k.

I haven't eaten any

bread, rice, pasta, potatoes or sugar since April 3rd. I've lost 22 pounds, and feel fantastic.

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Wheat Belly

Got rid of my wheat belly too. All breads in most supermarkets have wheat as the primary ingredient - even Rye and Potatoe bread.

After reading wheat belly (checked out from the library - read it in one day) I changed my diet to virtually no wheat and more eggs, vegetables, meat, salads. In a few weeks with no change in exercise (walking the dog and some bike riding) the wheat belly is gone and I dropped some pounds. Feel better.

I've researched it. In a nutshell GMO is crap and Monsanto sucks.

Congratulations! That's awesome...

I am a carboholic. I know I'd love the weight quickly, too, but I don't deal with withdrawal very well. But, I'm going to try it.

Try cannabis for the

Try cannabis for the withdrawl.

No thank you.

Gave that stuff up 25 yrs ago. I'd rather skip dinner and kick back with a cold one.

Unless that "cold one" is the near-frozen-gnat-urine brewed by

Anheuser Busch, which is made from rice, odds are, it contains wheat.


I said "cold one" not cheap one :)


Thank you for posting!

This info may change my life. I've been largely off sugar for 4 weeks, and now it appears I'll be eating less to zero wheat.

I'll get his book and visit his blog at http://www.wheatbellyblog.com.


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This is why the primal blueprint

is so successful. Take a look at Tom Woods, and Lew Rockwell and the Judge!!!!

Ditch the grains, low low sugar intake and eat things that appear to be natural; fish, meats (deer elk bison pig ckn turky) and of course leafy green delicious vegetables with hardy vegetables as well!

Lets get fit people!!!!

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We're screwed.

How do we stay away from sugar AND wheat, as a lifetime commitment??

"It is well enough that people of the nation do not understand our banking and monetary system, for if they did, I believe there would be a rEVOLution before tomorrow morning." - Henry Ford

It's easy. And it's the

It's easy. And it's the sugar and grains that are screwing you. Stay away from them and your life will be much better.

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It's not easy. I think I'm

It's not easy. I think I'm happier being fat and eating good-tasting food like hamburgers and pizza than I would be skinny and eating vegetables and other tasteless crap.

Please come join my forum if you're not a trendy and agree with my points of view.

You can have a hamburger

Just no bun. No fries. Pile up a juicy burger with tomato, avocado, cheese, bacon, lettuce. Drizzle some full-fat ranch or blue cheese dressing on it. Slice up a zuchinni, dredge it in egg batter, roll it in parmesan cheese and fry it.

Eat the topping off the pizza with a big salad.

It sounds counter-intuitive, but you will lose weight like crazy.

When a true genius appears in the world, you may know him by this sign: that the dunces are all in confederacy against him. ~J. Swift