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Look for Huckabee to endorse Giulliani after

Florida. The sheep will follow.

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your source?

I don't think huckabee will drop after Florida. The dropping out of Fred Thompson was the best thing that could happen for Huckabee. Now Huckabee can easily win Florida. Huckabee's also leading in polls in the south. If anyone drops it will be Giuliani.

That is crazy, Huck and Rudy

That is crazy, Huck and Rudy are polar opposites on everything. I actually think if Huck drops Paul would get a lot of his supporters. Paul scored a tie with Huck from Christian Family Values which is big amongst Church goers. I attend a conservative baptist church and I know Huck has a lot of support. I spread Paul throughout people I talk to. They all like him, but many stick with Huck because the MSM is telling them Paul isn't a real candidate. If Huck dropped many would go to Paul as the only other 100% pro-life candidate.


Rudy is far too liberal socially for the Huck crowd. McCain would be his likely choice, hoping to get a VP spot out of the deal. Huck supporters would never go for a man that wears a dress, has been divorced twice, is pro choice, marches in gay rights parades and supports gun control. This is a joke right?