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Similar to Obama: Honestly Abe Had No Respect for the 1st Amendment

Abraham Lincoln imprisoned many newspapermen who disagreed with the execution of the Civil War.

By the way, the civil war was largely about taxation. The government, under Lincoln, instituted protectionist tariffs to increase the price of European goods being transported into the U.S. in an attempt to bolster the competitiveness of northern manufacturers. Seeing as how the South was largely agricultural, these tariffs had the effect of raising the prices of goods beyond what southerners could afford. After all, many of the soldiers who fought for the South could not even afford shoes - let alone did they have slaves. This unfair taxation by the Lincoln administration led to the 1st Civil War.

Obama is simply following in his fellow Illinoisan footsteps. Traditionally, politicians from Illinois have always been corrupt. He comes by it "honest" - just like Abe.

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This isn't exactly the way I heard the story

It was Lincolns Tariffs that hurt export of cotton that put southerners at odds with him, this was long before he championed the cause of freeing slaves.


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for a tale too few know, and too few tell.

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