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Just Thought I Should Share: Open Letter To Senator Ted Cruz

Dear senator,

I've stumbled upon this stand of yours today:

Sen. Ted Cruz This Debate is About One Thing -- The Debt Ceiling


Before anything else: thank you for this.

Now, let me tell you this, in turn:

This government doesn't pay attention, and probably doesn't care for the least about me, no more than about millions other honest working americans, enslaved to a system they never wished for.

"Bread and Circuses"... an evergreen strategy for big, tyrannical state.

This can only work for so long. Although big state managed to create many dependents of it, even those will eventually get angry when the entitlements and welfare redistribution benefits they got (from corrupt politicians they voted in) come to an end, or shrink below some threshold only God knows about.

I'm no citizen. Only a legal, permanent alien resident, French citizen.

And ALTHOUGH a socialist french, public education system managed TO HIDE the works of Frederic Bastiat FROM ME and others for decades, I eventually DID FIND the truth, about liberty and its foe: legal plunder.

The American people DO NOT want those "supermen" TO RULE over them:


"Supermen" are only for Hollywood movies. Mr. Biden and Holder ought to get a clue about this. And the POTUS, too.

One can lie to everybody. One can lie all the time. But nobody can lie to everybody all the time.

I encourage, urge you, to continue your stand against the wanna-be tyrants among your fellow senators and congressmen.

Because a small, but firmly rooted, and determined minority of true American patriots are NOT willing to bend over before those who are TRAITORS against the U.S. Constitution and the Bill of Rights.

They are awake, too, to the INFAMY, barely veiled, in the section 4 of the 14th Amendment.

Here is my take on it, no earlier than today:


We, the People, CARE about the U.S. Constitution, at least up to the 13th Amendment included.

We DO NOT BUY, any longer, into the lie, and hidden agenda which started with the 14th Amendment, continued with the 16th, and the Federal Reserve Act.

Tell your government. Tell your fellow senators.

The people are waking up. The traitors will be exposed eventually.

Their LIE about the so-called "Constitution as a living document" INCLUDED, btw.

Their posterity is already tainted by their acts, of yesterday and today.

The Bill of Rights OR NOTHING.

The People are going to reject soon this rampant socialist, fascist system of things in the USA.

[Whether] Mr. Bernanke and is friends, here, and abroad, LIKE IT OR NOT.

I'm sorry for the tone of this letter. It is not geared at you, personally.

But I thought you MUST be aware, to tell others, of what is running in your people's brains AND hearts.




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"The People is going to

"The People is going to reject soon , The people is waking up."

Change "is" to "are". Just a little help here.

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"Cyril" pronounced "see real". I code stuff.


"To study and not think is a waste. To think and not study is dangerous." -- Confucius

Thank you, Cyril!

I hope that each one of you today or this weekend writes and sends a letter like this to each of your congressmen and senators!

Thank you again, Cyril!!

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You're welcome, of course.

You're welcome, of course.

This letter was very easy to put together. Just let your eyes and hearts speak, people.

In my understanding/guess most people write to their officials on specific, local issues of their states or counties.

Which is quite normal and expected, after all.

But we're living greatly unusual and hazardous times, IMO, and I'm afraid it's now time, before too late, that we, you, the People, write them more often ALSO on the big picture.

Write them about the veil over so many ugly, infamous deceptions you are now well aware of, or at least most suspicious about, just by looking at the new plunder and degradation of living that you suffer daily.

For, the very foundations of this country are now being attacked.

Daily. Hourly. For years already, if not decades, since 1990.

TELL them you are not willing to surrender on the rest of your liberty, after your republic, now already gone for most of it.

SHOW them they DO NOT know better. Not better than you do, anyway.

BE firm, be harsh if necessary, be unforgiving: serve them the truth that YOU can see.

DEMAND them to recall themselves to their oaths.

That should be ENOUGH for you, already, America.

If you claim to love freedom, YOU MUST remind them about what you are willing to call "freedom" and ONLY that which is WORTH OF THE NAME.

The time to pretend is over.



"Cyril" pronounced "see real". I code stuff.


"To study and not think is a waste. To think and not study is dangerous." -- Confucius