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California Dental Exam required for Kindergarten/1st Graders?

So, there's a law saying I've gotta take my kid to the dentist and have the dentist sign off on them whether they need dental work or not. OH but they'll pay for it if I can't pay for it? Our little girl has a few cavities and so we took her to the dentist, my wife then asked if I had brought with this form that we need for kindergarten and I didn't, so she brought it to me at the office. After they signed off on it I noticed that th ere's a "Waiver of Oral Health Assessment" and you have a few options:
1 I am unable to find a dental office that will take my child's insurance plan
2 i cannot afford an oral health assessment for my child
3 i do not wish my child to receive an oral health assessment.
4 optional: other reasons my child could not get an oral health assessment_________________.

What should I do? Is it really any of their business if my little girl has cavities? If I check #3 will I get a visit from child serv.? I feel like putting #4 and "Natural right to privacy"

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Write-in you choose not to disclose

Sometimes they know when they haven't given you all the options and you just have to be aware what they are to assert them.

In Ohio, you do have to prove a dental assessment and show that any found issues have an action plan to use a government pre-school. You still might get handed the same form for Kindy and 1st grade, but since the governments are required to provide public Kindy and 1st grade, you have more options to say "no" about what you provide. Clear as mud?

My guess is that if your state requires that Kindergarten be offered to that age that you can say "no" and still enroll. If you have a child past compulsory schooling age, your ability to say "no" is even more sure. The idea is that the less obligated they are to offer the schooling, the more they can ask for the moon because you can just walk away if you don't like it.

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The ADA lobbies state dental coverage to pay for caps, steel one

The ADA lobbies state medicaid dental coverage to pay for childrens' caps, stainless steel ones, of course. Those are the cheapest kind. And because its "free", parents don't question the evil intent of dentists who cap perfectly fine teeth of little children in order to get paid.

This was a big scandal fifteen years ago, with poor seven year old kids having their whole mouths capped with shiny stainless steel. There was outrage and investigations.

But it still happens. In my son's class, every hispanic child has at least one stainless steel cap, and many have two.

A filling would be sufficient but it doesn't pay as much...

"Cowards & idiots can come along for the ride but they gotta sit in the back seat!"


every Hispanic child has steel teeth(in your sons class) :) :) bet they done snipped the tips of their wieners off too. 400$ a pop! in 20 years they'll have a huge lawsuit against all us old gringos who took advantage of them by stealing there foreskin and corrupting their culture. Hell, for all we know they boil 'em down into an elixir and give them to all these old rich geezers that just wont die--Granddaddy Bush and George Soros :)~

"Evil intentions of dentists" lol

Have you been reading "natural health" propaganda? That sounds like a typical ignorant accusation of Mike Adams.

Okay, guy. First off, a tooth with a larrge carious lesion is not "perfectly fine." Deciduous teeth are far more prone to caries than adult teeth because of their anatomy and because of poor hygiene by many children. If the infection has reached the pulp, which happens quickly, and the damage is irreversible, you can't just put a composite filling in it. Those "evil dentists" did not put the disease there.

Second, Medicaid does not pay shit. Most dentists who treat Medicaid patients LOSE MONEY on them. This is why less than 20% of dentists accept Medicaid. Children do not have money. Dentists who specialize in pediatric dentistry do so knowingly taking a paycut. This is compounded by the fact that many parents refuse to pay for treatment, often out of lazy ignorance, and possibly because they listen to alternative medicine con artists, and many never teach their children good hygiene or understand the consequences of poor pediatric oral health.

Some pediatric dentists get overzealous with public health, usually through the government, but it is due to a different ethical system. It is not malicious or out of greed. Believe it or not their are people who are trying their best to stop poor health and suffering, especially in children, who have little control over their environment. Not everyone is a libertarian, and many people truly believe that it is unethical NOT to go help children.

I have had several professors mock dentists who oppose water fluoridation because they view them as greedy and deliberately wanting to refrain from fluoridating the water supply so that caries is more rampant. Some of my classmates hold me in poor regard because of my outspoken opposition to water fluoridation and Head Start. I think they are unethical for supporting government, and they think I am unethical for opposing government. Does this make one side "evil?" No one has sinister intentions.

Of course if you wallow in quackery sensational propaganda cesspools like NaturalNews you might be tempted to believe that DOCTORS ARE SATAN AND MEDICINE IS A CONSPIRACY TO HARM US ALL AND PROFIT, and I probably won't be able to convince you otherwise, as it seems some people prefer to live in a black and white paranoid fantasy world rather than than the complexity of reality.

Dentists have long been known to recommend

unneeded dental work to people who either have coverage or can pay. Eight years ago, I had a dentist tell me my fillings needed replaced. I ignored him and those fillings have passed multiple exams by other dentists since then.

I don't see anything in the above that would have to come from NaturalNews as opposed to the long-standing understanding among the public that being recommended unneeded dental work happens.

I do understand there is a non-smarmy reason caps are more likely to be the treatment plan for a child.

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The first dentist wasn't necessarily wrong.

Often times there isn't only one diagnosis or solution. It is up to the clinician's and patient's judgment.

That would be like saying "well the mechanic told me I needed to change my tires because they are dangerous, but 5 years later they are still there without incident." Changing the tires wasn't necessarily unneeded as long as that was the mechanics honest assessment. The prognosis is often uncertain, which is why judgment comes into play and robots don't do the dental work. If he knew the tires were fine but did it just to make a profit that is unethical.

OP called them "evil dentists." Natural News is the biggest anti-mainstream medicine site on the internet, and he often makes sweeping accusations and insults like this, so it is highly likely in my opinion that OP is a regular reader.

At least we know what your profession is, Delysid DDS

Whateveh. At least we know what your profession is, Delysid DDS.

"Evil dentists" are those who take advantage of kids and stupid parents to pad their wallets.

This is the first time I've seen this issue raised since 20/20 did a story on it in the 90s. That was what I referenced, not natural news.

"Cowards & idiots can come along for the ride but they gotta sit in the back seat!"

Since none of the choices

provided actually apply to your case - you don't need a waiver since you provided the services for your child - try indicating "N/A" on that section of the form and wait to see if the school contacts you.

Yeah, I have the sheet filled

Yeah, I have the sheet filled out already by our dentist, I just noticed that I could return the waiver with those other options and wanted to know if it's going to redflag child serv. I'm honestly kinda pissed that this is a state requirement. I feel like it's none of their effin business whether my kid has cavities or not.