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The US Is Rapidly Drying Up


We're running out of water, bee colonies are collapsing, and our financial system teeters on the brink of total collapse.

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Don't worry

Monsanto will make sure the slaves get enough nourishment when the food that bees create disappears.../sarc

Definitely one of the most critical problems we face

We are our own worst enemy sometimes.

Can't wait for the enlightenment period to finally get here.

No, we have as much water on

No, we have as much water on this planet as we did 400 years ago.
We just have a government problem who diverge water to companies and industries whom they will profit from the most.

Lower Colorado River Authority (F-U LBJ)

The LCRA one is actually pretty relevant today as they are withholding water from rice farmers to make sure the liberals in Austin have enough water to drink and party on in Lake Travis. Building a GODDANG reservoir in the Texas Hill country was the most asinine thing ever since they hardly receive any rain. Lake Rayburn and Toledo Bend have been successful only because East Texas receives one of the highest total rainfalls in the country.

LBJ seriously set us back a century.

Southern Agrarian

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Yeah, but he made a few bucks from it!

Wake up, America. Our "representatives" sold us out for money and power and NOW is the time to remember them for it.

The LCRA fiasco is no different than the money he made by owning Bell Helicopter during the false flag Vietnam Wars. Of course, it was in Lady Bird's name (his wife) as if, the American people would never find out. Politicians are a stupid breed (you have to be stupid to always have to be told what to do).

Lyndon Johnson was every bit the demon Dick Cheney is. History will remember BOTH of them as scums of the earth and, rightly so.

its 'cos I owe ya, my young friend...
Rockin' the FREE world in Tennessee since 1957!
9/11 Truth.

Brown and Root (currently

Brown and Root (currently KBR) made a TON with the help of LBJ and during both World Wars and Vietnam. Corporatism at its finest, on full display in both parties. People like to think of Lady Bird as a nice person but her finagling of KTBC and government orchestrated monopoly of communication companies in central Texas made the couple millions, enough to fund ol' Lyndon a House and Senate run against progressive Yarbrough.

Southern Agrarian