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Who says the Christian Right isnt for Paul?

Read attached article regarding Catholics in support of Ron Paul.
They are starting to get it!


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Great article!

Great! This Catholic site is read by many many people! This is good!

The article is a win win and very well written.


An endorsement from the Pope would be a comedy killer at the debates huh : )

The "Religious Right"

....is used to refer to Evangelical Christians....

thats what i am!

I think the ideas in the article are most certainly evangelical christian issues...im not sure how to describe the catholics, how about "Christian Conservatives"

In general, Catholics are

In general, Catholics are pro-life and more likely to be against the war. He's the only candidate that offers both so this should be a logical fit. Some are not so fiscally conservative and some may not be pro-gun, so focus on the first two issues.

Another issue for those sending their kids to private schools is the elimination of the dept of ed. Why are they paying for other kids' schools when they're also paying for their own? I know that's more of a state/local issue, but if the fed wasn't involved it makes for a much fairer fight.