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Monsanto gets Owned by 11 year old boy

This is old but I never saw it! This kid is awesome.

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The biggest fallacy to this whole anti industrial agriculture argument is that people dont give another viable solution. If it were cheaper to produce food using organic methods then my farmer friends and i would do so. But it costs a hell of a lot more and thus the people willing to buy it is much less.

Want a good free market solution? simply cut out the government from all food production. Everything from the fda to nutrition labels to safety inspections...everything. why u ask? Because the government has its own agenda. Half the usa corn goes to ethanol production...stupid. that causes forest to be cleared in south america and the price of food to go up. The examples are endless.

Oh cool, an 11 year old repeating coached propaganda.

Let's all gush at how delivered the speech! He ToTalLY OWneD MonSanTo! He was like an evangelical preacher, only he preached the gospel of organic farming! In his 11 years he had so much time to acquire a strong background in biology and chemistry to make an independent, informed, objective opinion! [sarcasm]

I was being sarcastic above, but seriously this is as cheap of a stunt as you can get. Left-wing propagandists pull this crap all the time- using a kid to deliver to message for them to rile up peoples' emotions and to serve as a cute shield from criticism. 15 years ago Suth Park mocked this dishonest trickery brilliantly in an episode in which the anti-corporation coffee shop owner used children to preach his anti corporation message to the townspeople. They all fell for it, because what kind of asshole would criticize the bullshit coming out of cute children in order to defend a big evil corporation like Monsanto!?

I AM THAT ASSHOLE. Seriously you people pushing this kind of cheap propaganda should be embarrassed with yourselves. There is no substance, no intellectual argument, no nothing. It was 5 minutes of appealing to emotion with undertones of appealing to nature and chemophobia.

What's next? Mike Adams made some cartoons and rap videos with the same theme. That targets the lowest common denominator, too.

Is it propaganda...

...if it's true?
...if it's presented by an 11-year old?

Is it the messenger - or the message - that matters?

The fact that people have "accepted" the food supply we currently have is a lousy justification and defense. People have accepted the political system we have as well - guess we should not bother then.

You should fully disclose. IMO

As far as I recall, Delsyd here is in farming of some kind (correct?)

And he makes his living from GMO crops.


You caught me!

I work for Monsanto! And AIPAC! And I hired the actors during the Boston bombing during my monthly shift at the CIA!

There is no such thing as a libertarian who defends gentic recombination technology!

Perhaps we should get Ron Paul's opinion on it. I noticed that he has never joined the anti-GM hysterical circlejerk.


Delsyd works for Zionism - the militant political kind. ;-)

Immoral funding of Military Industrial Complex by Federal Reserve and US taxation system must stop!!!! End illegal/unconstitutional wars! Preserve US currency!

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must have worked,all he did was knot your knickers
and you didn't even debunk that kid !!!

Leave an indelible mark on all of those that you meet.
OH... have fun day :)

The Market has spoken

And it doesn't want the shit he has chosen to sell.

So, yeah he's a little mad.

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i agree

i thought it real funny that he would diss and condemn
that 11 yr old,then site for evidence of how it works
a cartoon,it might be a grown up type cartoon,but one none the less
i found humor in that

Leave an indelible mark on all of those that you meet.
OH... have fun day :)

u mad bro?

u mad bro?

- Grow Mushrooms at Home

No. It's just the same things over and over again

The same tactics, the same mostly irrelevant issues. Every anti-GMO source is a variation of the same thing. Debunked Seralini studies with the cancer and rats or the unpublished Russian heresay counter part are the main two sources. Every once in awhile there is a journal of communist scientists that conducted a few anti-Monsanto studies is brought up.

The natural health crowd uses the same tactics as left-wingers. Sensationalism, using children as shields, logical fallacies, et cetera. Reposting year + older posts that just rehash the same things.

Starting with the oremise that GMOs are as dangerous as can be imagined and repeating it everywhere. I aee very little difference betwrrn the Wall Street obsession in progressive sites and Monsanto here (and orogressives hate Monsanto too).



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