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Adam Kokesh Exposed: Open Carry March On Washington Is A Trap!

VIDEO: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=LMQvEZLQ2BA

Part One of Two

Much has been said recently about Anarcho-capitalist activist Adam Kokesh, who has promised to lead an Open Carry march of 10,000 locked and loaded demonstrators on the United States Capitol of Washington D.C. on the 4th of July. On this episode of The Truth Is Viral, Tim Brown, Editor-in-Chief of Freedomoutpost.com, delves into Kokesh's unsavory past, and his even more unsavory friends; scumbags ranging from hateful Code Pink activist Cindy Sheehan to the terrorists of Hamas and Hezbollah.

Many have compared this march to the Battle of Lexington and Concord, where history records that the "Shot heard 'round the world" began the Revolutionary War; those people need to crack a history book, because Kokesh's march on the nation's Capitol bears absolutely no resemblance to the first battle of the American Revolution. Many more are frustrated that the numerous, and obviously criminal, scandals embroiling the Obama Administration have not yet ended his failed Presidency and are ready to take the law into their own hands; to start a new Revolution.

With a recent poll showing that nearly one-third of American voters expect that they will have to take up arms to take back the reigns of power from a federal government gone insane, many of those people have just been waiting for someone to lead them. Adam Kokesh wants to be that man. This is a frightening thought. http://www.huffingtonpost.com/2013/05/02/poll-armed-revoluti...

By his own admission Kokesh suffers from PTSD so severe that he has trouble handling large crowds; not a trait one would expect to find in a military commander. Another trait displayed by Kokesh that is anathema to any true Patriot is his support of terrorist groups Hamas and Hezbollah - Enemies of the United States - and radical anti-war activists including Iraq Veterans Against the War and Code Pink, that tried to deface the Vietnam War Memorial, an act of vandalism Kokesh himself attempted to participate in before the group was stopped by Honorable Vietnam Veterans at the 2007 Gathering of Eagles. Kokesh also counts the Occupy Movement, funded extensively by anti-American Jewish billionaire George Soros, as his allies.

In addition to U.S. State Department-listed terrorist organizations Hamas and Hezbollah, Kokesh also has extensive ties to the Muslim Brotherhood. The Muslim Brotherhood and al-Qaeda are two sides of the same coin; one the political wing, the other the military. The organization, which states publicly that their goal is the overthrow of the United States from within, has thoroughly infiltrated the Obama administration, helping to cause his foreign policy of toppling stable Middle-eastern governments in favor of theocracies led by the Muslim Brotherhood to come to fruition.

Finally, as shown on his personal Facebook page, Adam Kokesh lists "Obama for America" as an employer. Assuming he gets out of jail in time to lead this Open Carry march, is there any better reason not to follow this man on the 4th of July? Other than the fact that one shot from an anxious Patriot or an agent provocateur would start a bloodbath and give Obama all the excuse he needs to implement Martial Law that is.

The Truth Is Viral does NOT support Adam Kokesh or his ill-advised and poorly though-out plan to stage an "armed revolt" in Washington D.C. on the 4th of July; in fact, TTiV urges everyone to stay as far away from the event as possible. It could very easily turn ugly.

"Hijacked USA," this writer's first written article after "waking up," which was mentioned in the video, can be found here: http://bobpowell.blogspot.com/2008/04/hijacked-usa.html

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if you shake in your boots

if you shake in your boots before your enemy you have absolutely no chance of changing the system. adam has balls of steel.

bob powell whacking off

bob powell whacking off again? geez get a life dude.

Ron Paul 2016

This is old

Where is AK, the fourth is next week?

i guess opening an account under

any of the vast free blog sites now gives individuals undeniable credibility.


Scumbag Cindy Sheehan????

Get a grip dude.
She lost her son under the delusion of sacrificing for freedom and liberty - what, pray tell, have you given - other than your obviously ignorant stance.
Even if she was a complete lune(which I do not think she is)- a wise man would grant her reprieve for such lunacy considering the grief of her loss. Perhaps your mother did not love you so much to be pained for years, clearly Casey has a mom that loved him more than she loved popular opinion at minimum.

She(Cindy) told members of Veterans for Peace, "I'm gonna say, 'And you tell me, what the noble cause is that my son died for.' And if he even starts to say freedom and democracy, I'm gonna say, bullshit. You tell me the truth. You tell me that my son died for oil. You tell me that my son died to make your friends rich.... You tell me that, you don't tell me my son died for freedom and democracy." She also vowed not to pay her federal income tax for 2004 because that was the year her son was killed.

This is a scumbag in your book?

Sounds like a man's man - even though she is a woman.

Well, frankly your book is ingnorant

I guess some of us are unaware, we've worked with Cindy

on many occasions. We did a combined ETF rally with her and her people a few years back and we did a lot of talking back and forth in 2008 campaigns. She's been on the Ernest Hancock show at least a dozen times. I'm sure there's tons of examples I'm unaware of.

As far as mutual opposition, Cindy has been reviled by the bulk of the Progressive left by maintaining her positions in the face of the Obama administration.

She doesn't see us "libertarians" as having anything to do with the neocon right, she gets us and we're among the few to have stood with her over these years. Thing is her focus is antiwar. She involves other issues but don't expect her to change tune.

Her activism has left her basically impoverished at several points. She could use a bit more support.

Be brave, be brave, the Myan pilot needs no aeroplane.

He's been interviewed by Scott Horton 4 times.


Free includes debt-free!

Sheehan is a scumbag

RIP Casey.. Sheehans too busy profitting off your death.

Granger, I've only said this

to one other person here, but I genuinely do not like you. In fact, I find you to be a disgusting human being.

When you're not being willfully ignorant or just generally obtuse, you're defending a nuclear, terrorist state (Israel) while smearing the names of those who speak out against the wars, such as Sheehan.

None of that is the least bit surprising when one considers the fact that you're an unabashed shill for the GOP who puts party over principle, however.

You're more or less the embodiment of all that is wrong with American politics.

A signature used to be here!


I understand, and I don't blame you because it's very difficult to cut through the layers of propeganda. It's so much easier to "go along to get along", which is what many here do. Thinking is hard work. Thinking with an open mind takes a moral compass that many don't have today.. they think with their feelings.. and so when you see the signs, like downvotes,, that red indicator that "something is wrong here", and you so much want to live in a happy world of PEACE, LOVE and GOLDEN opportunity.. that downvoted, devil who makes make unhappy faces is discusting. I know. I'm sorry.

But I'm going to tell the truth, Bamoboo. The truth is not always what we want to hear. There is relief, hope, gifts that come with truth.. if 911 truth was on the right path, we would get justice.

A person has to want to be open to be able to not go along to get along, to find truth, and happiness, serenity, peace. I have that.

I like everyone here, I don't always agree with them, and I don't always like the things they do, but I know that every day is a new day, change is enevitable, and that people change, hopefully by enlighten choice rather than force.

I do LOVE Israel, and I believe you are completely wrong about Israel, and unfortunately you are siding with a LIE.. but you have to actually want the truth, as I did, to see the TRUTH.

So if you want to SEE THE TRUTH, I'll be happy to show you, and while you see me as discusting, bare in mind, throughout history, truth comes from those that appeare discusting.

zio puppet

with extreme confirmation bias.

israel represents everything the liberty movement abhors.

"If this mischievous financial policy [greenbacks], which has its origin in North America, should become endurated down to a fixture, then that government will furnish its own money without cost. It will pay off its debts and be without debts. It will hav

Jihadist poser

The Liberty Movement is nothing but a Libertarian co-op of the rEVOLution for jihadist cowards and losers and liars.

Haha, hardly

Agnostic actually.

Don't you belong over in israel, stealing land, poisoning wells and shooting kids on their way to school so you can harvest their organs?

If you support zionism, you support all those things.

"If this mischievous financial policy [greenbacks], which has its origin in North America, should become endurated down to a fixture, then that government will furnish its own money without cost. It will pay off its debts and be without debts. It will hav

Agnostic means you don't have a clue

I would love to be in Isral and I absolutley plan to go to Israel to do more than a tour because I see what GOOD Israel does, thanks to Ron Paul saying, "Israel is our friend".

That statement alone had me look for WHY, and I see why.. but I had to look past the news from the UN news like RT and Press and liberal sites and neocon retroric that says it supports Israel, but it does not, it works to control Israel.

The examples you gave me about Israel, stealing land.. actually Israel won the entire area in 1948 and returned land,, Gaza is a great example.. what a great gift they gave to give the Arabs control of an area they could build a ME Hong Kong.. but that is not what they did.. why? Because they want ONE THING.. ALLAH, Sharia Law, which is about the destruction of Israel, and the lokes of agnostics like you. You are siding with a culture of HATE that you would not survive for a week because of who you say you are,, Agnostic. Meanwhile Israel has created Muslim prayer rooms in the hospital s to give a place for prayer to the many Palestinianas who go to Israel hiospitals where they know they can get help rather than the Palestinian hospitals where they KNOW they won't. Shooting kids who were born into families that encourage suicide bombing is self defense. The poisioning of A well.. that was sad, yet do you KNOW the whole truth?

Did you know that many illegal settlements are where people who want to live in Israel, can not find a place, make bad deals (brokered by criminals), build homes only to have the Palestinian land owner, who does not have the right to sell their land, report the building they profitted off, only to try to claim what was built? It's a huge rip off scam.. and those who build the well, are told to get off and Israel tells them get off and they react by doing something criminal.. and they deserve to be in prison. where they are.

I support a state of Israel and that makes me a zionist. I do not support a Muslim world order, which the UN does, because the UN is addicted to Arab oil, and the Arbas kindom have no problem turning blood into profit for their oil. Israel has worked hard to get off the oil and the oil addicted nations resent this.. so they will stand with Arabs and their blood for oil while they bash Israel and censor what GOOD is coming from Israel.. and this I know.. Israel is going to win because the world is not going to end, but the oil will and while the nations that have allowed Muslims to take control, as they do not believe in abortion but having as mnay children as they can.. Rissia is 40% and growing.. muslims women adverage 8 children.. Russians are less and 1, Americans are less than 1.

I suggest you search for what is GOOD about Israel as I did, and it may open your mind.. Israel has gay parades, many cultures, many religions superior intel, tech, ag, science, arts.. why are they thriving while the rest of the world swirls in the frying pan ready to jump into a fire of destruction?


has something to do with the 25 million dollars a day their treasonous lackeys in this country siphon out of the American peoples pockets to give to them.

"If this mischievous financial policy [greenbacks], which has its origin in North America, should become endurated down to a fixture, then that government will furnish its own money without cost. It will pay off its debts and be without debts. It will hav

It's really a shmae we don't invest more into Israel

rather we send F-16s and tanks to Syria and Eyqpt that produce nothing but Jihadists. Enjoy that.

Since over 40% of Americans don't pay taxes except dor sales taxes that effect their own cities, counties and states, are you taking up for the American corporations like Monsanto, whoch Israel has NONE, never did and never will?

Invest in Israel?

Dude are you kidding me, I don't usually get involved in these little DP battles but holy F*** S***, you are serious. I hope that by invest you mean take your own money and throw it away on a s*** hole country that wouldn't be anything without American backing and still believe in what is obviously a reinterpretation of Greek mythology created by a roman family named Flavian, who were Emperors of their time. Religion is a whole other subject but I hope you are not implying on taking my money by force and sending it anywhere. F*** those guys, F*** everyone over there, none of my da** business.

You just got PAULED!

Yes, I mean with personal funds

I LOVE Israel because I LOVE how that little country stands up to the UN and says WE ARE ISRAEL AND WE ARE SOVREIGN AND WE WILL DO WHAT WE THE PEOPLE ISRAEL WANT TO DO, NOT what ISLAM and Communism collective at the UN tell us to do.

I LOVE how Israel has places for people from all over the world to have their own laws on their own lands and the government protects their right to self rule.

I LOVE how Israel competes to produce agriculture that does not use monsanto, but love, and engineering that has taken Russia, China, India and the USA into the heavens and beyond where dreams dare to tread.

I LOVE Israel and the people who love to be people, to be Jewish, or Christian or Muslim or Atheist and exist in a common place where all Israelis respect each other for their right to be themselves and express themselves in agreement or not.

I LOVE Israel and how all the little communities are militas that join in a defence force that helps each other out when in need.

I LOVE Israel and how it grows forests and turns the desert into a garden of eden where rare wildlife become common and farm animals are hormone free, and healthy, fat and happy.

I LOVE Israel because Israel loves art, theatre, bands, music, dancing, fine arts.. fashion and culinary.. and they love sports and have training areas used by teams from all over the world.

I LOVE Israel because it doesn't need American funding. Israel knows it is blackmail money coming from the poor US tax payer who could use that money.. so unlike all the countries and the UN who takes the US taxpayers money for wannabe global elitests.. Israel produces products and gives the USA a BIG break. Americans reward this by boycotting Israel's quality products at their own loss.

So no, I am not implying that Israel should have the money the USA government takes from you by FORCE.

I am investing in Israel because I appreciate excellence and SOVREIGNITY, FREEDOM from the UN (to which you pay far more in AID).

On what do you base your argument

I provided some insight into my position, could you at least do the same.

And do not go for the profiting of of Casey's death. If one wants to make change - getting lots of money is the best, most effective way in this country - plain and simple.

If my child was killed - I would sell my soul and a lot more if it meant getting those responsible for their death.

Coming from a tradtional military family

Everyone serves in my family. both sides of the American revolution, both sides of the civil war.. all the wars.. to this day, neices and nephews serve.. and that means I grew up with an uncle coming home from Nam who shot himself, and another uncle who went to Nam for years searching for MIAs and POWs and returning them to their families, and a brother who became a quadraplegic, and another with PTS, and now nephews and neices and in-laws, leaving one a widow, a divorcee from the tragic PTS.. threatened the family armed, thought he was in Iraq.. And being tradtional military family (I think I should get credit being born and raised with a military ID for 23 years) not just my own family, but I grew up with neighbors and friends who went throw the same things.

When I was growing up, I longed to be outside the chain linked barbed wire fence where the colorful protesters looked so cool by comparison to uniforms, guns and protocol.


There isn't a military funeral I know that was a party of joy and happiness. Many were absolutely a celebration of the person's life, their accomplishments, the little idiosyncracies, what food they liked or games they played. The military is very good with funerals, and as dependents, we are always left with a lot to think about. Matter of fact, my father was a three war vet.. and I became against war because he was never home.. war took my father away (though when he came home, he didn't really have time to get to know us)..

Casey made a CHOICE. He was not drafted into service like some in my family. He made a choice and Sheehan has not respected that choice. She used Casey's death as a mean to protest.

I fail to see the respect. I'm sorry. Casey is FAR from alone in those who died serving their country right or wrong. You may not agree with me on this, but honestly, some ways death is kinder.. one friend of mine, son was blown up and for the past 6 years he has been getting skin grafts.. he is in constant pain, always feels likes he's on fire. He's not alone. When was the last time you visited a VA and met with the disabled vets? How much do you contribute to disabled vets? How much do you contribute to the widows and children of those who passed away?

Profit is not only measured in FRNs. Sheehan has made herself a POLITICAL career, and many know she's antiwar, but they do not know anything about Casey.. because Sheehan uses Casey as a soap box for her own political step up.

This idea you have of selling your soul in revenge for the death of a child is dishonerable to me.

I don't believe revenge is an answer. I believe it is a problem that perpetualtes HATE, not honor.

Like Casey, Sheehan had a choice. She could have stood with military families that greive the loss of life and limb, but she did not. She mocked us, made her own camp, and worked to politically profit off Casey, disrespecting HIS CHOICE, to serve, right or wrong.. it was HIS CHOICE, and while it is TRAGIC, as ALL military deaths are TRAGIC, very very sad events.. I guess it's that blood the binds military families, every one of them who would trade that triangular folded flag in a box with the ribbons, and the goofy military pictures with the scribbles to us, telling us that they loved us.. yeah, we would trade in all that to bring them back.. but we can't.. we can only THANK GOD we had the HONOR to know them, be LOVED by them and to LOVE them back.

Yeah.. when I was a kid, I looked past the chained linked barbed wire fences at the hippies and their flowers and colorful dresses and long hair, kissing each other, and they were SOOOOO cool.. and I think part of me thought that until Cindy Sheehan, because to me, she made it a clown show, a mockery, a facade for those who don't know what honor is, and don't care about what is honorable anyways.

Her loss of Casey is not any less tragic than the tens of thousands of deaths and disabilities of anyone who serves in the military. I would have been impressed if Sheehan actually did something in Casey's honor like helping the widows and their children, or the disabled vets laying in hospitals alone, in pain, or helped those who return and can't think of anything but to commit suicide because they have been mentally and emotionally hurt.

If I had a child who served by choice and they lost their life, I would have done as much as I could for their unit, and expanded that to the VA and perhaps made a CASEY SHEEHAN FUND, and done something to help the families of fallen troops to honor Casey.

Pretty much sounds like the same old neocon arguments

Were to begin.
First, no you do not get credit for being a dependent of a service member. Sorry, it just doesn't count.

Second WHY should she stand with other military families? I don't hear them screaming out to stop these useless profiteering wars? Why stand next to those whos values and visions you do not share - THAT IS DISHONORABLE. It is fake, phony, fraud BS.

Don't you realize the more funds, the more hoorah, the more effin fake, phony, fraud patriotism displayed the more it propagates the problem?????

You want to honor someone at the VFW- THEN MAKE IT YOUR MISSION TO CLOSE EVERY LAST ONE. Why? Because when we have seen our last veteran of foreign wars - then we will have found peace. I know I wont live long enough to see it - but I would love to be at the ceremony where the last VFW post is closed because the last VFW member passed on and there were no more to take his place.

You think dying for a lie is honorable? You think all those injured soldiers represent honor? Hell - lets just cut to the chase - you think killing other people defending there family and homes is honorable? I don't -I think it is weak and cowardly.

You say you would trade anything to get them back - yet in the same rant you defend the very mindset that will get the next one killed. How does that make sense? You rant against revenge and say it creates hate - yet here you are hating against someone who has channeled that anger into trying to prevent more war. Again, how does that make sense.

You know Granger, I was once blind like you. I was actually so blinded that I used to feel cheated. You see, long ago back in 1991, I was a young impressionable kid just like Casey. I came from a Republican family with military history as well. I wanted to go to college, but it was too expensive, so instead I joined the Marine Corp. Being young and impressionable, I thought this was really better than college anyways. Nobody has tattoos of Bryant on their arms, girls don't go crazy for a man in a college "uniform" like they do for those dress blues, no college grads were getting parades thrown for them coming back from Iraq. I mean, it was a no brainer. I went down to the recruiter and said "infantry". He said, what about this or that - I said - infantry. Why? hell, because everyone knows the pecking order - and Marine Infantry is at the top of that pecking order. No one has more honor, more courage, more crazy tough in them than Marine Infantry.
But the world changed and I changed. We kicked Iraq's ass so fast it was over before I even got to boot camp. Then Clinton took over and it was clear we weren't going to be invading anyone else as long as that hippy Dem Clinton was in office. Then I fractured a vertebrae, then I was out. Just that fast - a few years and done. No grand array of ribbons to put on, just my one lonely National Defense Ribbon, no great stories to tell, no great scar to show off. I was out of the Corp and off the top of the pecking order. And man was I resentful. I was cheated. I wanted my turn, I wanted to know I had what it takes.

Then I found RP in 2007. Then I found this site. Then I found peace. For I no longer felt cheated for not going to war - I felt cheated for being lied to about war.
Clearly you have not found such answers or peace. Perhaps, because the truth scares you. My guess is that you hide away such thoughts in a safe little place and hold on to them as "justification". Perhaps you father liked being away more than being home. Perhaps his love of war trumped his love of family. OR, perhaps you refuse to accept that maybe your father was a GREAT man AND at the same time wrong. I am sure he felt what he was doing was right, and as such, you need to believe that as well - otherwise all those days sitting behind a fence would have been a waste.

Its ok - I sit here in extreme pain from my vertebrae and I know everyday I wake up with this pain -it was for nothing - I would have been better off going to college. But I also know in my heart that I thought I was doing good, so it brings me comfort. But as I am older now, I feel my new honor and duty is to educate people. To open their eyes to the lies. To bring home the plain truth.
Those veterans are dead and maimed not in defense of freedom and liberty, but in profiteering. The sooner people start swallowing that hard pill, the sooner we will stop killing and maiming good young men with good hearts and minds.

I know

But it's a shame it doesn't count because I was born into duty and I think part of my spelling problem is I learned to read acronyms, being that was a consistant language everywhere I went.

Casey VOLUNTEERED to serve. Shouldn't she honor Casey by honoring HIS freedom of choice? Instead, she disgraced him among HIS CHOICE of peer, she HI-JACKED his name.. he was an ADULT, and while she is always a mother.. he was not a baby, he was not innocent. He was fighting for HER freedom.. and I realize many Americasn have NO CLUE what that is, but it's because they have not traveled.

I don't agree with your idea of fake patriotism.. I don't think all who serve our military have as much passion as Al Qauda, until they have a buddy blown up, see flags burning, see pregnant women starving and men openly beating women and come to understand that Sharia Law isn't playing games.

I like the VFW and I like the people at the VFW.. most of my previous generation not only belongs, but halls are named for them.

I'm sure you and every Jihadist would enjoy that.

What lie? Whose telling the lie? You talking about 911? I think the only real way to protest is to stop using foreign oil from Arabs nations. Can you do that?

Yes, I honor and appreciate ALL those who were moved and joined the service. I think they are the best of the best and I appreciate their service, and respect them and their families and if you don'r serve, I won't vote for you.. there's my line.

Meanwhile, you still driving around in Arab oil engines.. maybe you look like a hypocrit to those who fought for your privledge to buy petrol?

I think Sheehan and those who support her should show us how serious they are and stop buying gas.

Granger - you are lost - nothing more than a neocon shill

But at least in your long rant you lose focus and finally admit the truth

"Meanwhile, you still driving around in Arab oil engines.. maybe you look like a hypocrit to those who fought for your privledge to buy petrol?"

And in this very line you sum it all up - it really is all about oil and not about freedom.

And you may want to stop the assumptions. You first assumed your family history would trump my RP loving, pot smoking hippy ass. Only to find out - I am not a pot smoking hippy at all- I am in fact a Marine veteran that has never smoked pot in his life - which trumps you living off of daddies coat tails.
Then you on to assume about my oil consumption.

" I think the only real way to protest is to stop using foreign oil from Arabs nations. Can you do that?"
I happen to own a house completely powered by solar. I heat my house with wood(which is quite difficult to cut and split due to my injuries) and use zero heating oil. Nice try though.

Keep up the neocon bullet points, I am sure you are slated for promotion within your local Republican party. Good for you. Maybe one day they will name a hall after you too.

What are you the scarecrow from Wizard of Oz?

You don't even know what a Neocon is.. a Neocon is for a UN NWO global government. That's not me.

Don't confuse my passionate appreciation for Israel with being a Neocon.. no one has fought the UN harder and longer than Israel.

It's about oil to Neocons.. who are suckers to the oil rich Arabs..
For those like me, it's about developing alternatives that are affordable.. I've got business ideas I'm going to share with LIBERTY candidates who deserve good prosperous ideas.

So, you're a vet, but the VFW thinks you;'re a pussy so you act like one and dis them. Boo hoo.

And you don't drive a car or truck? You're such a fraud.

I'm already at the top of my committee, why I'm a state and national delegate and in the leadership circle.. only place left to go up would be an office in state or federal government..

I have a lot of respect for troops and vets, but that does not mean I'm going to take your crap.. I'm well aware there are many losers who get forced into the service and don't deserve my respect, rather they ride on the coat tails of the armed forces department they served, especially the dishonerable ones who the VFW tells to go to hell.

Why, if I had a brain I could...

I could wile away the hours, Conferrin' with the flowers, Consultin' with the rain. And my head I'd be scratchin' While my thoughts were busy hatchin' If I only had a brain.

Or I could just smack down Granger's pathetic argument some more using my THd.

I don't know....but some people without brains do an awful lot of typing, don't they?


Name calling.?

got me

I apologise.


I agree that Adam's plan is ill conceived and that open confrontation is a bad idea, at least it is too soon, however please don't publish Neocon co-intel propaganda such as the post above. There has to be a way to keep this human garbage off of this site.

Right with you on that one

I took a position against this march but not against Kokesh. "Hateful code pink activist Cindy Sheehan"? This article is not only dripping with hate, it goes out of it's way to conflate even Adam's humorous statements.

Oh yeah and BTW this initiative fell by the wayside, the rest of the world is over it. This author is stuck in a past of their own creation. Perhaps we can entreat them to remain there.

Be brave, be brave, the Myan pilot needs no aeroplane.

I can't imagine a worse time

to lose your firearms.

Playing into the strengths of the PTB, collectivism and force would seem to be a very poor strategy.

This will put so many just beginning to awaken back into a deep, deep sleep.

We have so much of the law on our side and the outlaws are so clearly corrupt I don't see how brightly painting yourself as an outlaw helps you to make your case to your fellow citizens.

A very large set back.