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Adam Kokesh Exposed: Open Carry March On Washington Is A Trap!

VIDEO: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=LMQvEZLQ2BA

Part One of Two

Much has been said recently about Anarcho-capitalist activist Adam Kokesh, who has promised to lead an Open Carry march of 10,000 locked and loaded demonstrators on the United States Capitol of Washington D.C. on the 4th of July. On this episode of The Truth Is Viral, Tim Brown, Editor-in-Chief of Freedomoutpost.com, delves into Kokesh's unsavory past, and his even more unsavory friends; scumbags ranging from hateful Code Pink activist Cindy Sheehan to the terrorists of Hamas and Hezbollah.

Many have compared this march to the Battle of Lexington and Concord, where history records that the "Shot heard 'round the world" began the Revolutionary War; those people need to crack a history book, because Kokesh's march on the nation's Capitol bears absolutely no resemblance to the first battle of the American Revolution. Many more are frustrated that the numerous, and obviously criminal, scandals embroiling the Obama Administration have not yet ended his failed Presidency and are ready to take the law into their own hands; to start a new Revolution.

With a recent poll showing that nearly one-third of American voters expect that they will have to take up arms to take back the reigns of power from a federal government gone insane, many of those people have just been waiting for someone to lead them. Adam Kokesh wants to be that man. This is a frightening thought. http://www.huffingtonpost.com/2013/05/02/poll-armed-revoluti...

By his own admission Kokesh suffers from PTSD so severe that he has trouble handling large crowds; not a trait one would expect to find in a military commander. Another trait displayed by Kokesh that is anathema to any true Patriot is his support of terrorist groups Hamas and Hezbollah - Enemies of the United States - and radical anti-war activists including Iraq Veterans Against the War and Code Pink, that tried to deface the Vietnam War Memorial, an act of vandalism Kokesh himself attempted to participate in before the group was stopped by Honorable Vietnam Veterans at the 2007 Gathering of Eagles. Kokesh also counts the Occupy Movement, funded extensively by anti-American Jewish billionaire George Soros, as his allies.

In addition to U.S. State Department-listed terrorist organizations Hamas and Hezbollah, Kokesh also has extensive ties to the Muslim Brotherhood. The Muslim Brotherhood and al-Qaeda are two sides of the same coin; one the political wing, the other the military. The organization, which states publicly that their goal is the overthrow of the United States from within, has thoroughly infiltrated the Obama administration, helping to cause his foreign policy of toppling stable Middle-eastern governments in favor of theocracies led by the Muslim Brotherhood to come to fruition.

Finally, as shown on his personal Facebook page, Adam Kokesh lists "Obama for America" as an employer. Assuming he gets out of jail in time to lead this Open Carry march, is there any better reason not to follow this man on the 4th of July? Other than the fact that one shot from an anxious Patriot or an agent provocateur would start a bloodbath and give Obama all the excuse he needs to implement Martial Law that is.

The Truth Is Viral does NOT support Adam Kokesh or his ill-advised and poorly though-out plan to stage an "armed revolt" in Washington D.C. on the 4th of July; in fact, TTiV urges everyone to stay as far away from the event as possible. It could very easily turn ugly.

"Hijacked USA," this writer's first written article after "waking up," which was mentioned in the video, can be found here: http://bobpowell.blogspot.com/2008/04/hijacked-usa.html

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What's the difference

between this article and the rantings of the Southern Poverty Law Center?

Where's the evidence for the statements in this article?

Unless this person has actual evidence for their claims, if I were Adam Kokesh, I'd hire a lawyer and sue for defamation.

My thoughts exactly

Propaganda against Adam without any basis.

I agree.

What's also interesting is to see who was kind enough to bump Bob Powell's post. A lot of unusual activity on this one. Regards.

9-11 Media Fakery: Did anyone die on 9-11?


9-11 Actors:

Pysops.. media.. actors.. propagandists... disinfo agents.. fake videos.. fake photos

Comment deleted


Cindy Sheehan is a hero and America's Mom, you thug

the fact that you'll slander grieving mothers makes you beyond despicable. You make me want to vomit, troll. Go back into your dank hole and go back to your masturbating.

Release the Sandy Hook video.


Seriously, you brought masturbation into this debate? Where did that come from and how does it help this discussion?

"Villains wear many masks, but none as dangerous as the mask of virtue." - Washington Irvin


Using name-calling to counter name-calling? I know it feels good but not in print please, you are better than that

Yes, indeed.

Yes, indeed.

sharkhearted's picture



Norfolk, VA

Time to INVESTIGATE the investigators of 9/11. PROSECUTE the prosecutors. EXPOSE the cover-up.

There’s a point beyond which

There’s a point beyond which a free man won’t be pushed.

“Let it not be said that no one cared, that no one objected once it’s realized that our liberties and wealth are in jeopardy.”
― Ron Paul

The people bashing Adam

Are the same folks that wouldn't vote for GJ because of some of his views on monetary policy and tax reform. You guys need to stand up. You can't circle jerk your way to victory, if we all did a march, and it was the whole Liberty movement, how long do you think laws would last against it, wake up and quit being pussies. This movement is filled with a bunch of fast typing, shallow thinking, single youtube video watched and you understand the whole issue lazy fucks. It is disappointing, I hope that someone like adam will inspire you folks to grow some balls.

You just got PAULED!

Grow Some


Grow Some


I wouldn't vote for Gary Johnson because he did not understand

the basic foundation of Liberty...according to Ron Paul: "Unless we understand…we must protect life, we cannot protect liberty."

Kokesh does not speak Ron Paul either. I have never heard Ron Paul say "F the law, smoke it anyway."

I was attracted to Liberty thru the message of Ron Paul. When that message changes, I, for one, WILL NOT FOLLOW, so I am glad you know to count me out. I won't be on that team.


Armed march is the wrong play at the wrong time

All it will do is reinvigorate the momentum from Sandy Hook in Congress, which has all but withered away. Law-abiding firearms owners will at least be arrested for felonies committed, effectively disarming themselves for life, if not killed from friendly or police fire.

Qui Bono?

Sheriffs in NY and CO are coming out against in-place state laws that promote tyranny over law-abiding firearms owners. They are defecting at a state level from the centralized state. Hearts and minds are coming out on our side, a trickle at this time, but exposing cracks in the right places. At the right time this will become a torrent. But this is not the time, and DC is not the place to poke the feds in the eye.


We'll have to wait and see.

People will do what they want to do.

Trap or not, pray it all goes well and remains peaceful since there's nothing that can be done to stop it.

"We are not human beings having a spiritual experience; we are spiritual beings having a human experience"—Pierre Teilhard de Chardin



Does this mean you're not planning

to be in the March, BP??

Highly incendiary title, BTW. Exposed!? Here's the Adam I know and believe in — was highly praised if I recall:


Adam gives good speeches for someone with PTSD. More importantly, he obviously walks the talk, too.

I certainly defend your right to free speech and opinion...but I'm a little disturbed and saddened by the fact that --IF -- anything should go wrong with the March, those who have contributed to the disparaging remarks about Adam's character, or motivations, or state of mind, or other possible flaws — particularly those with zero good to say, start looking in the mirror now.

I read your reasons below on why this March is not a good idea. I believe after reading all the pros and cons, it is a good idea -- and his right. I strongly suspect all the naysayers, had they chose to throw in their support, imagine, it could turn out to be the BEST idea.

Question, BP. Sure we defeated the Senates' gun grab -- this time. How many times does that make now? How many times must we fight them off...? Here's a harder question, BP. How do you suggest we get the other 8 and a half back? Is Adam moving too fast for all you naysayers? Ya'll need a little more time? How much? How much time would you, BP, say we have?

When I heard you chuckling at Adam in your video, you really diminished any respect for your opinions I might otherwise have had. (But I'll certainly say a prayer for the safety of you and your family having to face the truly insane and irrational out there.)


"If you want something you've never had before, you have to do something you've never done before." Debra Medina

Funny, I don't know any Patriots who...

refer to Independence Day as the fourth of july,

...or any Christians who call their day the twenty-fifth of december.


You are Disappointment, Bobby Powell

After watching some of your excellent Truth is Viral videos in the pass year, this is the last thing I would think that would come from you. You are smarter than what you just posted here. Did "they" finally get to you?

Or was your account hijacked?

Maybe the FEMA trainers were right, that the Founder Fathers were terrorist, and traitors to the British Crown. Eventually, we would have become a free and independent nation through peaceful means, just like Canada did. (sarcasm)

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You call it a trap...

I call it salvation.

I'm tired of living on my knees bowing down to the tyrannical "gods" of government.

King George said the same thing as you in 1775.

"Its a trap. You'll be left out in the cold. Don't EVEN consider rising up. Lick the boots of oppression for just a little while longer (and like it!)."

its 'cos I owe ya, my young friend...
Rockin' the FREE world in Tennessee since 1957!
9/11 Truth.

You comment about Salvation makes me think of this

Acts 4
that by the name of Jesus Christ of Nazareth, whom ye crucified , whom God raisedfrom the dead...Neither is there salvation in any other: for there is none other name under heaven given among men, whereby we must be saved.

Aw, come on now

IF Adam had all these affiliations with known terrorist groups, I am sure that would had been reason enough for the FEDS to detain him indefinately.
Especially now since the Boston Marathon bombing.


he's working for the feds. In case you forgot, Obama's gun control legislation went down in flames. How better to get it fired up than a fake "armed revolt"?

I'd take a bullet for Ron Paul.

everybody is blowing his

everybody is blowing his march out of proportion. Adam wants a peaceful armed march and so does everybody wholl participate. Ive heard enough what if this happens what if that happens oohh no this could happen that might happen bullshit. You all should be supporters of things like the TSA since theyre stopping a lot of bad things that MIGHT or COULD happen. STFU about what bad this march is doing, last i checked a peaceful march never is a bad thing EVER. Is the march illegal? Of course it is everyone knows that, does that mean its got to be a crazy violent event? Does that mean the cops are going to arrest people? Probably. And if you dont want arrested dont go. BUt quit bashing it like its a bad idea becuase it comes off a little extreme and your afraid the "public" wont be able handle it or understand the significance of the event. WTF is wrong with everybody are we only allowed to protest the tyrannical government the way they let us? cowards

Alex Jones makes a statement on the "Entire Adam Kokesh Saga"


"He has basically not been wise in some of th things he has been doing and there are too many opportunities by the establishment to set the Liberty Movement up...I don't like the smell of any of this"

Kokesh's words at about 1:20
"This is an armed revolt against the American Government. Make no mistake about it."

Did he really say those words? His mouth and words don't line up on the video clip.

So, I pull up the Alex Jones Channel: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=GZnc_c-1ico

Don't have time to watch it all now... has anyone else seen those same words ABOUT AN ARMED REVOLT in the actual Alex Jones clip?


My video

begins with Kokesh saying that.

I'd take a bullet for Ron Paul.

Thank you, I knew I had seen it somewhere but I could not

remember where I saw it. I would like to see the original. Do you know what part of the info wars segment it was in? I am busy today and don't have a lot of time to spend, but I want to watch his mouth and the words. I want to know for sure that he indeed said those words. I am not saying I mistrust you, I am just saying when I pulled up that one video in my link above, the mouth and the words did not go together. Also in the beginning of your video when he says the words is there is a shadow around the top sides of his mouth. I just didn't look right, so I would like to see the original for myself.

Here you go

This is the original Infowars broadcast. http://www.youtube.com/watch?feature=player_embedded&v=2n8tX...

I'd take a bullet for Ron Paul.

I'm a radical because I'm a

I'm a radical because I'm a member of IVAW? OK, I'll be daaat.