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Activism With The People's Eloquence: Ain't All About Rand, AJ, Or AK; How About Writing Our Reps More Often On The Big Picture?

Dear True Americans, fellow Daily Paulers,

I guess it's a very simple point I'd like to make:

I noticed how much verve and eloquence (or just... being opinionated) we can be on the Daily Paul, on various occasions, in reaction to this or that event, to this or that news.

It occurred to me that it might be a good idea, and likely the time of a dire need to transform and redirect (if only a bit of) our writing eloquence energy, sometimes prone to dividing us, into something more "productive" when we can (hopefully).

The title of this post says it all, in fact.

But if I had to elaborate a bit, let's put it that way:

My strong, firm belief of the present (2011 ~ 2013), after so many red pills taken, is we are now very likely living times where it becomes more and more critically important to RECALL the people's representatives that (contrary to what some of them certainly secretly wish for) We, The People, precisely, haven't been dumbed down as low as they might think or fear.

It also ought to be, ideally, an opportunity, not to boost their ego, but to boost their own determination to keep standing for us, like senator Cruz - to name just one - has been doing recently, on particularly sensitive topics (read: more threatened people's rights!)

That, We, The People, also CARE about this country's foundations A HELL OF A LOT MORE than they are possibly neglecting to notice.

Thus, I believe it is indeed the time TO PUSH AT THEM FIRMLY - IN WRITINGS - REGULARLY, what WE, YOU, I consider as THE FACTS STRAIGHT that they better NOT LOSE SIGHT OF, on what's going on in this country, if they have any plans to save ANYTHING OF THEIR OWN NAMES' FUTURE POSTERITY (... unlike the traitors you may not even bother writing to... your pick / your choice, sure).

Here's a recent example if you're a bit dry on the tone you might use, and to get yourself started:

Open Letter To Senator Ted Cruz


but it's just me, of course, just an example; it is all up to you to figure out about the tone you want to use to convey your concerns and... determination TO KEEP YOUR RIGHTS.

Anyway, more than eloquence or harshness of the tone, and whenever possible, I'd recommend expressing yourself AS UNEQUIVOCALLY AS YOU CAN, in firmness, and with the hardest facts which concern you most - on whichever topics you'll have decided to wake them up TO YOUR DETERMINATION of rejecting further lies and deceptions, once again.

Just an idea.

For liberty.

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