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Sarah Darshay, an Iraq Veteran & r3VOL, who became an AnCap via Dr. Ronald Ernest Paul!

Ron Paul = AnCap Gateway 'Drug'!

Anarchast Ep.75 with Sarah Darshay: Iraq veteran turned Anarchist

Published on May 21, 2013

On this edition of Anarchast Jeff Berwick in Santiago, Chile interviews Sarah Darshay in the US.

Topics include:

- The influence the Ron Paul campaign had on her beliefs
- The huge changes she saw in the military after 9/11
- Her experiences in the Iraq war
- The many types of propaganda we are bombarded with
- The current political state if the US

For more information on The Dollar Vigilante, go to http://dollarvigilante.com. For more information on Jeff Berwick's anarchist enclave, Galt's Gulch Chile, go to http://galtsgulchchile.com. And, for more on the anarchist enclave in Acapulco go to http://dollarvigilante.com/acacondos. Come on down and be a guest on Anarchast and live relatively free amongst other anarchists.


By the way, anyone interested in an AnCap community in Paradise?

Jeff Berwick, the Canadian expat AnCap entrepreneur extraordinaire might have a Condo in Acapulco, Mexico, with your name on it:

AcaCondos : Discover Acapulco

Hello and welcome to Acapulco!

As you likely already know, my name is Jeff Berwick and I write The Dollar Vigilante , a newsletter focused on helping people survive the coming dollar collapse and strategies to do so including expatriation.

I was born and raised in Canada but defected in 2003 to a world that I found much freer. Initially I tried to sail around the world as part of my quest to see the world but after I sank my catamaran in 2005 in El Salvador I kept going via backpack and ended up visiting nearly 100 countries and lived for a period of time in places like Hong Kong, China and Thailand before returning to my favorite place in the world: Acapulco!

Not many people know much about Acapulco. It is a 500 year old city and port and was the originator of global trade when Spanish Galleons would travel bi-annually from Acapulco to Manila in the Philippines. Still to this day most Acapulquenos are part Asian... and part African too, from the slave trade... and part Spanish too.

About AcaCondos.com:

AcaCondos is operated by Jeff Berwick, an established Canadian born businessman and entrepreneur. From 2002 to 2007 Jeff traveled the entire world, partly with the intention of finding one or two places which he enjoyed the most and to eventually purchase a small condo once he felt like settling down somewhat. Jeff arrived in Acapulco after sailing down the entire Pacific Coast from Vancouver, Canada on his sailboat in 2004 and immediately fell in love.

Jeff BerwickHaving been to over 80 countries in the course of his travels and witnessing numerous beautiful locales, Jeff believes that Acapulco Bay is the most beautiful Bay in the world, closely followed by Rio de Janiero. When approached at night, Acapulco looks like the world’s largest bowl of diamonds.

What was supposed to be a two or three night stopover turned into 3 months and although Jeff continued on he never forgot Acapulco and a few years later upon completion of his world tour he returned to buy a condo in the resort complex which is now the home of AcaCondos and hasn't regretted it for a moment.