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Did Ron Paul Just Win Louisiana?

It’s late, well into the night. Most of America is completely unaware that there was a Republican caucus going on anywhere in America tonight (Tuesday night), but we had one in Louisiana, and Ron Paul may have just won his first primary — Outright.

It’s been said the world is ran by the people who show up, and tonight it appears the people who showed up was the Ron Paul crowd. They cast their votes for delegates to the state convention, people that will support Ron Paul in the seven congressional districts around Louisiana. Those delegates get to nominate people to go to the state convention, a total of 41 delegates. 3 of those delegates are reserved for the National committee people as well as the state chairman. 20 delegates goes to the winner of the Louisiana Primary if… and that’s a very big IF the winner of the Louisiana primary gets 50% +1.

Right now, it is not very likely that any of the Republican candidates will get 50% of the vote. That means, if the Ron Paul supporters out numbered the hardcore Republican voters in the seven congressional districts, they could very well decided the fate of all the delegate votes to the national convention. If the turn out in the other congressional districts is anything like the turnout in Baton Rouge, it could very well mean that Ron Paul just won 38 of 41 of Louisiana’s Republican delegate votes.

The results will be in tomorrow, and the state is still very much up for grabs, but one thing is certain, Ron Paul made a mark in Louisiana and coupled with his recent second place finish in Nevada, and with Fred Thompson’s recent drop out of the race, Ron Paul might just make a very unlikely come from behind run at it.

The world is ran by people who showed up. If you didn’t caucus on Tuesday night, you have yourself to blame for the results.

avman @ January 23, 2008

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Good example

This shows us what we all must do. Be present and accounted for when it matters.

I probably did my humble part as a Houstonian coming back from South Florida Tuesday. I got squeezed off the highway while big trailer homes were going through the spaghetti bowl highway system and backing up traffic. Got lost in Baton Rouge trying to find Hwy 190 and got stuck in traffic there too. So I spent an hour wandering around Baton Rouge in traffic. Coincidentally I was advertising with my two bumper stickers for Ron Paul!! :)